KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (4/2)

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Video Transcript


- With the sunshine today, I actually, Kim, found it kind of difficult to remember what was the weather like yesterday. Did anything happen?

- Um, yesterday was actually the exact opposite, I think, of today. And I think I was thinking about that when I was driving into work today, just sunshine, blue skies. Meteorologist Kristin Emery, we would love this to continue. Possible?

KRISTIN EMERY: It will continue, and the very good news is that the temperature is going to start climbing by about 10 degrees each day. We started today, and we'll continue that tomorrow and Easter. So today, as you were driving, maybe you want to put the window down because it's so nice, and then you realize, hey, it's still pretty chilly out there.

It looks beautiful out there as the skyline barely has a cloud in it-- beautiful shot of PNC Park. But you can see the water moving pretty swiftly there. We have some gusty winds-- right now, sustained winds at 15 miles per hour, but we've seen gusts upwards of 25, almost 30 miles per hour. 40 degrees-- and you can see the camera bobbing in the air there-- 40 degrees, makes it feel like 32 when you factor in those winds.

So here are the actual air temperatures. We're ranging from 42 in Cranberry-- that's the warm spot-- 41 in Waynesburg, a lot of 40-degree and upper-30-degree readings, and then Somerset, the chilly location at 32.

The winds-- sustained winds-- anywhere between eight and 18 miles per hour, that down in Washington. And the wind gusts, we saw gusts upwards of 28, 29 miles per hour. So the radar is nice and clear. We had just a couple of little flurries that popped up for a few minutes south of I-70 early this afternoon. You can see that on the satellite radar loop here. Watch this cloud cover bubble up with that northwesterly wind flow, and then now it's gone-- so high pressure taking control of the weather.

We will have those clear skies all around the tri-state area, all through tonight, and then a little cloud cover tomorrow. We're back to sunshine Sunday and Monday, so a pretty nice-looking next five days in the forecast.

We start off tonight with Futurecast taking us down to the upper 20s, lower 30s. So by 11 o'clock, it'll again be a cold night-- a couple of degrees warmer than we were this morning, but it'll still be cold. We were down to 20 this morning-- the record low, by the way, is 17. So we were just shy of that.

We'll still see some teens in spots overnight tonight. But we jump all the way up about another 10 degrees tomorrow to the lower 50s. Clouds roll in tomorrow afternoon-- no rain, but just a little overcast sky by tomorrow night. That will help keep us insulated.

Overnight toward Easter morning, lows only in the 40s, and then by afternoon, on Sunday, lower to mid 60s with mostly sunny skies. So it should be a nice weekend-- dry conditions, not completely clear skies all weekend, but nice warmer temperatures.

Tonight, clear, and another cold night, 23. We're about 10 to 15 degrees colder than average for our overnight lows. And then tomorrow, 53, mostly sunny, a breeze out of the southwest that could gust at times up to 22. But it'll be a nice warmer breeze.

Then 60s on Easter Sunday, 60s again Monday, shower chances late Tuesday and again Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, but we stay warm, even 71 by Tuesday.