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- Well, here in our area we had the whipping winds out there, the blowing snow, and people wondering when this is all going to end.

STACY SMITH: Well, hopefully, it's going to end relatively soon. And we should have a nice weekend on tap. Let's find out more. Here's Kristin Emery. Kristin?

KRISTIN EMERY: Yeah, the people going to Hershey Park might have a nice day tomorrow. Some sunshine, although it will be a little chilly. But by the time we get to the Pirates' home opener next week, we will be well above average. So we'll be heading in the right direction temperature-wise.

And let's talk a little bit about snow in March and April. We still have those snow showers that will stick around up until around midnight tonight. And it's not out of the ordinary for us to have April snow showers. But March was interesting, because March 2021, only a tenth of an inch of snow for the entire month. After a snowy December, January, February, everything just shut off.

The normal amount of snowfall in Pittsburgh for March is 7.3 inches. In April, our normal snowfall amount falls to only 1 and 1/2 inches. Still, for the season, we are 15.6 inches above normal for snowfall. And that doesn't count the trace probably that we're getting today.

So as we head through the next couple of hours, these snow showers continue. You can see this next heavier band just dropping down South of I-80 just in through sections of Lawrence County down into Northern Beaver County. This will continue to just really follow that same counterclockwise motion that we've had, pushing it down through downtown and then over into the Laurel Highlands.

So areas to the south and east, it'll be a little later tonight, more like 1:00 or 2:00 AM, until those snow showers wind down. But areas west will get a sooner end to the precipitation. Right now, downtown, we have a little bit of a break. We even saw some sunshine for a couple of minutes.

As we look across the river at PNC Park, you can see the flag whipping there and the camera shaking. Winds are still 20 miles per hour out of the Northwest. And we've had gusts upwards of 25 to 28 miles per hour. 31 degrees at the airport. Still, scattered snow showers. And these will continue for the next couple of hours.

Our temperature just won't budge. We were at 39 early, early this morning for the high temperature today. That's almost 15 degrees below normal. And take a look at the wind chills. This is what it feels like out there, anywhere between 19 and 20 miles-- 22 miles-- 22 degrees. And you saw down in western Maryland, there's a windchill in the single digits in the higher elevations.

So these snow showers continue for the next couple of hours. And then everything slowly starts to move off to the East. And future cast keeps this going with a couple of leftover snow showers around 11:00. And then you see overnight, everything sort of dries up, and the clouds start to clear out. So by 6:00 AM, we'll wake up to partly cloudy skies, cold temperatures, teens in the mountains, 20s for everyone else, and highs tomorrow under sunny skies. Lighter winds recover back up to the upper 30s lower 40s.

Another chilly morning, but a little warmer, on Saturday, before we warm up to the 50s. And then we take another step up to the 60s for Easter Sunday. So tonight, 22, snow showers early, starting to wind down by midnight or so. Winds upwards of 25, 28 mile per hour gusts throughout the evening.

Tomorrow, sunny, but it will be crisp, a high of only 42. Our normal high is 56. But we get there in the 50s for Saturday. More sunshine Saturday and Sunday. We're back up to the 60s on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. Lots of sun. And Wednesday, partly cloudy and 70 degrees. Chance of a shower late Wednesday night with a couple of showers and warm on Thursday.


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