KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (4/4)

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Video Transcript

- Me and Kristin were just saying it seems like even the bear was enjoying a nice stroll on this beautiful Easter Sunday.

- Just out for a late night walk. Nice temperatures. Maybe looking for the Easter Bunny, I'm sure. But we had beautiful weather for whatever you were up to today. And really the whole weekend has been very nice but today we had that nice surge in temperatures. All the way up to the 60s and hardly a cloud in the sky. Mainly clear right now, we're at 65 degrees. Look how dry it is. The relative humidity is only at 24%. It is breezy, though. Winds north at 18 miles per hour. But it's a nice mild breeze because the temperatures are all in the mid 60s. Even some upper 60s earlier this afternoon for the highs.

Morgantown still there at 68 degrees. We're at 66 in Washington, 63 in Beaver falls and Indiana, Greensboro, you're still at 64 and Butler and Newcastle is at 63. Somerset has dipped into the upper 50s for the cool spot. So chance of precipitation. Today's the last day that we don't have at least a chance of any showers. We get a little bit of a chance Monday and especially into Tuesday, Wednesday. Best chance late Thursday into Friday for everyone to see showers, possibly even a few isolated thunderstorms, as the pattern starts to change and become a little more unsettled.

Right now, we're still under this big ridge of high pressure keeping us very dry. Clear skies, hardly a cloud anywhere. The closest showers are way up over the northern tip of lower Michigan. And as we head through the overnight hours, we stay clear. Now tomorrow morning, we'll start to see clouds roll in by mid-morning, closer to lunch time. So we'll call for increasing clouds through the day Monday. There you see 6:00 AM and we start to see a little cloud cover. But it'll be almost dinnertime tomorrow, possibly some models showing after 3:00 or 4:00 PM but futurecast cash showing after 5:00 or 6:00 that we get this next disturbance coming in and giving us the chance for a couple of passing showers late tomorrow night, and they'll linger through the early part of Tuesday.

So maybe for your morning commute Tuesday, a couple of little sprinkles, here and there up until around 9:00 10:00 AM and then Tuesday afternoon, we get into a little bit more of that spring pattern with the chance for thunderstorms. We could get an isolated or a stray thunderstorm or two with the heat of the day late Tuesday. There's a stationary system that's just going to linger across our area. The stationary boundary every day this week we'll have the chance with the heating of the day for a couple of scattered showers and storms. Again Wednesday morning, Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, the best chance for showers. So tomorrow night and then again later Tuesday night into Wednesday our next chance for any precipitation.

Tonight a couple of degrees cooler than where we were this morning but still very seasonable. Very nice clear 38 degrees, and then tomorrow, 67 increasing clouds through the day. Still nice and mild 10 degrees above average. Evening showers and those will linger all the way through Tuesday morning. Tuesday night through Wednesday, a stray storm. Look at the 70s. Tuesday, Wednesday and for the Pirates home opener, we say in the 60s all the way through next weekend. We'll be right back with sports.