KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (4/25)

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Video Transcript


KRISTIN EMERY: Well, we do have some chilly temperatures on the way tonight, after what was a beautiful end to our Sunday. Dry weather today and dry weather to start the week. But we do have a little bit of a concern for frost and freeze tonight. So if you have any flowers, any plants out there, one more time it looks like we'll have to worry about some temperatures that will be close to freezing. The frost advisory is in effect from Beaver-Allegheny counties to the south. The freeze warning, where we could have temperatures in the upper 20s, Armstrong, Lawrence, looking at Indiana County all the way down through the Laurels and the Ridges down into Eastern Preston County.

That goes through 9:00 AM tomorrow morning. It officially starts at 2:00 AM but if you have a chance this evening, if you have any plants you're concerned about, make sure you get those covered. Right now, still very pleasant out there. It is clear. 56 degrees, sunshine. Winds northwest at 17 miles per hour. As we go through the rest of the evening, the temperatures will begin to fall off, we've already seen this, up to the north, where we're in the upper 40s in Newcastle. Beaver Falls, Butler, all at 48. Look at the contrast. Still in the upper 50s in Waynesburg at 58. And Morgantown is at 62 degrees.

The official high today was 61 in Pittsburgh, the low, 46. Normal, 65 and 43. So overall for the day, we were very normal. In fact, right on average. But look at the month of April. Temperatures versus average temperatures. We're just about even. We started off chilly. Had that warm surge. Then really chilly. Now we're going to go above normal. But for the month, we're very average. But it seems like this month the temperatures have been everything but average, or anything but average. Hourly temperatures tonight going to be very comfortable up until around midnight. Then we'll start to feel that sharp drop off into those mid to lower 40s.

Cold front was swinging through central Pennsylvania the last two hours. It's taken the clouds with us. And as we head through the overnight hours, there you see, those chilly temperatures. Lower 30s up to the north, mid 30s to the south. But that's why we have those frost and freeze concerns. It's not a widespread threat of frost or freeze. But we could see patchy frost or some freezing temperatures in spots. Tomorrow, no more of those concerns. We're up into the upper 50s-lower 60s. Beautiful sunshine. And then the heat is on.

As we head through Tuesday, Wednesday, look at these lows-- only in the 40s all the way up to 81 degrees. We're not making this up. 81 degrees on Tuesday, with beautiful sunshine. It'll feel very summery. And then we have some storms on the way possibly Wednesday afternoon. So 35 and clear tonight. Frost freeze warnings in effect. Tomorrow, 63. Beautiful weather Tuesday, 82. 80, Wednesday. But some evening showers possibly, a few storms. Then showers and cooler, Thursday. We're back to the 60s as we head into next weekend.