KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (4/11)

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- All right, Kristin, we're definitely not going to get that bad of severe storms, but we will have a couple of drizzles to start the workweek.

KRISTIN EMERY: A couple of showers. We had a couple of lightning strikes show up on the radar down into Garrett County, Maryland and over into southern portions of Somerset County earlier this afternoon as some of these stronger cells pushed from south to north. And it's all spinning, counterclockwise flow, lifting through the area thanks to this big low pressure center. And some of the activity's starting to die out a little bit now. But we did have some fairly heavy, even though very small in size, downpours in spots.

Heaviest returns right now. Little cell just to the northeast of Kittanning. Some lighter steady rain across portions of Butler County and then headed over to Punxsutawney and just into very eastern portions of Indiana and Westmoreland counties. Heaviest activity up over the higher terrain in northeastern Somerset County, and then over into western portions of Washington County. Just a couple of showers headed down toward the Waynesburg area too, down I-79.

Then we're looking at a little bit of a break as we head into the early morning tomorrow. We're going to do this all again tomorrow, but the temperature's not too bad. We're at 61 degrees. Now keep in mind, our normal high for today is 60. We made it up to 66. It felt like a big drop in temperatures because we've had 80s and upper 70s, and it was a big drop. But we're still above normal with a nice southwesterly breeze.

The temperatures will cool off as we head toward the start of this week, though. Upper 50s right now in Kittanning, Indiana, Greensburg. Lower 50s in Somerset. Still 61 to 63 as you head from Cranberry on down through Connellsville and to Morgantown.

You see this little cooler bit of air, the 50s, over into eastern Ohio. Cooler air will start to filter in behind this system as we head through the middle of the week. Here's that low spinning just over northwest Ohio over the border into southern lower Michigan. As all of this migrates to the east, it's going to just spend an occasional round of showers through the area over the next 48 hours. So the rest of tonight, the showers begin to die down, but we'll have a few more early tomorrow morning.

And then as we head through tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, another round of showers. Nothing that measurable, just maybe a tenth a quarter of an inch of rain. No storms, no big downpours, but just occasional showers. And the cloud cover sticks around, and it'll be noticeably cooler, in the 60s, to start the week.

As we head toward the middle of the week, yet another system arrives. This is Wednesday evening that will give us another round of showers and knock us into the 50s, which is just slightly below normal. Normal high is 60. So tonight, 49, scattered showers off and on, still a little breezy. We could have winds gusting up to 24 miles per hour.

And then tomorrow, cloudy with a few scattered showers. The high, 60. That's normal for this time of year, but a little cooler than what we've had lately. Winds could gusts up to 21 miles per hour. And then your seven-day forecast shows we stay in the 60s but barely. By Thursday, Friday, we cool off into the lower and then mid 50s. Just a round of showers every other day or so, but we're back to very seasonable temperatures for next weekend.