KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (4/9)

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Video Transcript

- Well, we had one stray shower or little bit of almost stormy weather moving through the area. It's heading to the east now.

- We can't complain much, [? Stacy. ?] I mean, right? Petelin's doing pretty good. Got to give them that.

- Yes he is. Let's bring him in right now. All this praise for you, Ray.

RAY PETELIN: I'm trying real hard here. And actually, that that one little storm is pretty much crossing over out of the area, so we're drying up here. And I think the rest of the evening is going to be looking pretty quiet for most of us as we continue on through, so drier conditions taking over.

Temperature-wise, we're doing pretty good in most spots. 74 degrees in Pittsburgh, 74 Waynesburg, you get 74 in New Castle, Cranberry where I am, 75 degrees. That's one of the warm spots. The warmest though down into Morgantown, where it's 76.

Now you look at the right side of your screen, and you see those temperatures trail off a little bit-- Connellsville, Greensburg, Indiana in the mid 60s, then we get some 50s in Somerset and Oakland. That warmer air is trying to spread out that way and will continue to do so.

They're watering the lawn there at PNC Park as we look off the top of Gateway Center. That's the Allegheny River in the foreground. And it's a beautiful looking night in Pittsburgh. We have those, well, the report is for mostly cloudy skies because of high thin clouds, but it's a pretty nice looking night. Light winds, good temps at 74, and low humidity is only at 29%.

Tonight, we're going down to the lower 50s in most spots, so a night very similar to the past couple, just a couple degrees cooler. And into tomorrow, we'll see our high temperatures return to close to 80 degrees. So another very warm April day is setting up for the start of the weekend.

But the second half of the weekend will actually come with temperatures cooling off a little bit. So a normal high temperature is 60 degrees. Most of this is near or above average until you get towards Thursday of next week. That's where those temperatures start to drop, and it's actually looking cooler right into next weekend. But tomorrow, warmest day the whole forecast from here on out, 79 degrees.

And you can see a little bit of activity in central Ohio. This is losing its steam, though. You'll notice that the earlier frames, the earlier part of this loop, there was a lot more lightning. So that's losing some steam, and probably will continue to do so as it moves across the state line towards us.

So we'll mix in some clouds from time to time. We're very dry here at the surface, so we have some big time dry air to overcome with our 29% relative humidity. So we're planning on a mainly dry setup tonight and into early tomorrow.

Now once we get later into the day tomorrow, we can't rule out a little passing shower, very small scale one trying to develop. I think we end up dry up until about sunset and after. That's when the most widespread rain moves across the region. Possibly a couple of rumbles of thunder, and we'll see those continue into the early part of Sunday, likely before sunrise.

Then most of this rain wraps up until we get into the afternoon. Then you could get a quick little pop up trying to develop. But most of the area is looking drier than those isolated showers during the daytime. And then Sunday night into Monday, we'll see another round of showers trying to pass through. Those should wrap up I think by lunchtime on Monday.

Tonight, 52 degrees partly cloudy, a nice comfortable setup. The weekend look like this. We get some sunshine and some clouds mixed in, but a stray afternoon shower on Saturday. Rain is most widespread Saturday night into Sunday.

And then Sunday, just some stray showers during the daylight. Same deal early on Monday. And then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, even Friday of next week, we're looking pretty quiet, but you'll notice that cooling trend that is taking over.

Now I know when you go outside, you want to know if one of those stray showers is popping up near you. If you see a dark cloud and you wonder about it, get the KDKA weather app. You can see if that's a rain shower or a thunderstorm near you with the interactive radar, plus you can get the hourly forecast alerts and a whole lot more. Just search CBS Pittsburgh in the app store and Google Play.