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ROYCE JONES: You might not want to you do all of your spring cleaning just yet. You're going to need something to do because you might not be getting out much. Is that right, Kristin? Is rain coming?

KRISTIN EMERY: It depends on what day of the week. Tomorrow, it's sort of a half and half day. We're anticipating a few showers later in the afternoon and the evening, but not widespread and not a lot of rain. And the temperature will be nice. And a nice start to the week. But later on this week, we take another step back. So we'll get to the timing of all of the ups and downs in just a minute. Right now, we're on the upswing. Temperatures today made it into the 50s. And that was improvement. We're actually looking at a pretty nice evening ahead.

Skies are beginning to clear just a little. We're still cloudy and 49 degrees at the airport. But we're seeing some breaks in the clouds here and there, a little bit of patchy blue sky in spots. And by tomorrow, we'll have more sunshine alternating with those clouds. Temperatures not bad. 49 in Pittsburgh. 48 in Greensburg. We're still in the lower to even mid 50s from Washington down through Waynesburg, Morgantown, Wheeling. And then a little cooler in Butler, Clarion, the mid to upper 40s. Newcastle, you're at 46. Kittanning is at 44.

That's a good little step up from where we were yesterday when we never got above 45 degrees. We made it up to 52 earlier this afternoon. So right now, we're looking at the cloud sticking around. But there's really not that much moisture with this system. There's a low pressure center that's swinging by to the south. It mainly is bringing rain to central and southern West Virginia. Central Ohio getting a few scattered showers. There are a few as close as Cambridge, Ohio. They're beginning to run into a little drier air. So those will mainly stay at bay the rest of tonight.

But then tomorrow, afternoon-evening is our best timeline that you may see a few showers. Starting off in the morning, here is 6:00 AM-- still partly to mostly cloudy skies and then gradual clearing. We get a little break, even some sunshine, especially south and east of Pittsburgh. And then later tomorrow afternoon, here's 3:00 PM-- this next system swings through after 3:00 PM, I'd say after 5:00-6:00 PM is the best chance that any of us could see showers. And there's 11:00 PM, and then they're gone. So maybe a few late afternoon evening showers in spots a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain at most.

And then Monday, some nice sunshine. We're all the way into the mid 60s. More sunshine as we head toward Tuesday, and even warmer air. But then that doesn't last all the way through the week. So enjoy it while it's here. 37, your overnight low tonight. Gradual clearing after a cloudy evening. Temperatures not too far below normal. And then tomorrow, we're right there in the ballpark with normal highs for mid to late April. 60 degrees, alternating clouds and sunshine, a few afternoon or evening showers possible, light winds out of the west.

7-day forecast. We're on the upswing. Enjoy the next three days of 60s. Monday-Tuesday, the peak days of the week. Even some mid to upper 60s with beautiful sunshine both days. But then Wednesday, pretty potent cold front brings in a shot of cool air. We're back down to highs in the lower 50s both days, with a good deal of showers on Wednesday. Wednesday is probably the best shot at rain everyone has this week. Thursday, a few early showers. And then we clear out and we warm back up. 62, Friday. Saturday, 60 with a few afternoon or evening showers possible. Royce.