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STACY SMITH: Well, it is the month of April, so you're going to have nice days like today, but then a day or two down the road you might have a day that's not quite as nice.

- Yeah, we seem to be flip flopping back and forth here. Yesterday, not so good. Today, beautiful. What does the future hold? Meteorologist Ray Petelin knows that answer. Ray.

RAY PETELIN: Yeah, today's the flip. Tomorrow is a flip, and then we get into the flops later on this week where those temperatures take a bit of a dive, and we even see some precipitation moving in. And, believe it or not, some spots could even be looking at a few snowflakes by the time we get towards the end of the workweek. That'll be mainly up in the ridges and up to the north. We'll show you that here in a second.

But as for this evening, beautiful conditions around. We have the partly cloudy skies in most locations. We get 67 degrees, very light winds, low humidity. It's very nice.

We get 67 for Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, up into New Castle, Kittanning too. 66 in Washington and Butler. You get 64 in Indiana. Morgantown has 69 degrees as well as Waynesburg and just great temperatures. Normal is 61, and the average low is 40. So we're going to be staying pretty much a little above average here for the next 24 hours.

And tomorrow, sunset, 7.59. We're getting to that point where the sun's going to start setting after 8 o'clock by the time we get to the end of this week. So another sign that the better part of the year, if you like the warm weather, is on the way.

However, we're going to see those temperatures taking a bit of-- taking us on a bit of a roller-coaster ride here over the next couple days, and one of the big deals with this is this area of low pressure. Now the bulk of this is going to stay up to the north, but the system that's providing this is also going to drop a cold front down towards us. So we're going to get sort of two waves out of this. One, our temperatures are going to start to slide and we'll get some clouds, and then the second part of this system is going to kick on a few showers.

So as this cold front draws closer to us tomorrow, especially during the afternoon, this could touch off a very stray shower, and we're talking minimal rain chances. Most of us end up dry, but there might be just enough of a shower or enough moisture for this cold front to work with to create a shower, especially south of Pittsburgh. That moves on.

Then we wait for the trough. That will swing through, and this is going to touch off additional precipitation, mainly in the form of light rain. However, as we get into the early morning hours of Friday, could see a couple snowflakes trying to push up into the ridges, and you could see here where there's a couple areas of purple and blue. That's the model trying to show a little snowflake or two trying to mix in. That shouldn't be problematic, but it's just a sign that we're still in April, and April still comes with a couple of snowflakes attached, especially in the ridges and especially north of I-80.

45 tonight, partly cloudy. A mild night with those winds of the west-southwest at 5 to 10. So a mild night, mild day tomorrow. I think more clouds and sunshine because that cold front is going to be getting closer. And you could see we get back to 65 degrees, another otherwise great day. So enjoy it. Use it wisely because the rest of this week isn't looking quite as warm.

As we continue through the next few days, you're going to see those temperatures dip down into the mid to upper 40s for Thursday and Friday. This does come with scattered rain showers. Partly cloudy skies on Saturday. Sunday we're back to average with clouds and a little sunshine. Still some showers possible Monday. Right now the bulk of that's looking south of Pittsburgh. And Tuesday next week, partly cloudy and 63 degrees.

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