KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (5/16)

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Video Transcript


- All right. Nobody likes bad traffic stories. But people do like-- OK. I like 80 degree weather. Kristin, what you got?

KRISTIN EMERY: We do have some 80s in the forecast. And, you know, we had such up and down weather. It seems like from March all the way through April the temperatures were just up and down, up and down. We've had a little bit of consistency over the past week. Now, we're going to start to climb again back up into the mid 80s, way above average.

Right now, we're looking at the start of the week to be pretty consistent, very similar to where we were today. We're at 66 degrees right now, low humidity, low dew points, nice calm air, no wind to speak of. It's just a mixture of some clouds and some sunshine, so a really nice end to the weekend. A pleasant Sunday evening. 70 degrees still in Cranberry.

Connellsville is at 67 along with Clarion, Franklin, New Castle. Beaver Falls still at 68 as well as Morgantown. 59 in Somerset, the cool spot. If you look across the river, a little bit of sunshine mixing with those clouds. You see hour by hour we're only down to the lower 60s, even by 10:00 PM and then just like last night. And tomorrow morning we're looking at-- or this morning we're looking at lows. Tomorrow morning only right around 50, which is very normal as we head into the second half of May.

Radar, not much going on today. There's a little bit of activity. A couple of showers tried to get going, bubbling up right along the I-80 corridor just into central and Southern Jefferson County. You see them die out just as they cross over the border into Indiana County, maybe just to the East of Kittanning as well. Dry air in place is really eating away at any shower chances, and that'll be the case pretty much tomorrow and the rest of the week as well.

That ridge of high pressure is just sitting over Eastern-- Eastern and Southern portions of West Virginia. So those showers are staying on the periphery over to the East. And then another system off to the West that'll try to bring us a couple of showers to start the week. The chances are very, very minimal, though. We'll time it out with Futurecast to show you that we have just mainly clouds mixing with some sunshine tomorrow.

You see tonight, the clouds stick around. So tomorrow morning we'll call it partly sunny when you wake up. Mid to upper 40s in most spots. 50 for the low in Pittsburgh. And then afternoon temperatures in those lower two. In some spots South of I-70, mid 70s tomorrow. 5:00 PM, here you see a couple of showers down to the South. That next system to the West is going to push in, and it looks like most of the shower chances could be well South of our area.

But we'll say if you're South of I-70, you'll have a slightly better chance of an afternoon isolated shower. That's about it. And, uh, quiet weather as we head through tonight and really the first half of the week. 50 tonight, 70 for tomorrow, an isolated shower not out of the question, especially South. That would be later tomorrow afternoon evening. Tuesday, 79 degrees. Wednesday, lots of sun, 80. Look at these warm highs. Thursday, Friday, mid to upper 80s, and we stay in those 80s next weekend.