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Video Transcript

- Well, let's talk about your weather tomorrow. Are your hamburgers going to get wet?

RAY PETELIN: No, I think we're going--

- Good.

RAY PETELIN: I think we have better chances of sunburns than soggy hamburgers tomorrow. I could tell you that much. When it comes to the services and everything else that's going to be going on, I think we're going to have quiet conditions pretty much throughout the day. It is just going to start off on a chillier note.

We're at 56 degrees, right now, in Pittsburgh, Butler at 55, Washington and Morgantown at 54, and it's 52 in Greensburg. As you get out towards the ridges in Johnstown, those temperatures are notably colder. The sun has been trying so hard to peek out, and it's going to have a hard time over the next couple of hours. But tonight, we are going to break up these clouds even more, but we do have a couple of peaks out there.

56 degrees is the current temperature. Light winds out of the North, Northeast, and overall, it has just been, so far, a very gloomy, cold, and pretty soggy, damp weekend. 43 is what we'll wake up to early in the morning, so it will be a chilly start to Memorial Day.

You get those lower 40s right along Route 422, upper 30s overnight up North of I-80, but most of us in the lower to mid 40s. Tomorrow afternoon, we're going to find our high temperatures making a run for the 70s. This doesn't quite get us back to average, but let me tell you, this is going to feel warm compared to what we've been dealing with the past couple of days, where our high temperatures have been at a struggle making it to the mid 50s at best.

Normal is 76. We'll get to 72 tomorrow. We're looking at 75 for Tuesday, those mid 70s for Wednesday, Thursday, upper 70s Friday. And if you've been missing those 80s, those are coming back. I think, once we get into next weekend, that's where we'll start to see that warmer air taking over.

Back edge of those clouds from right around Meadville back to it looks like just North of Youngstown and then back towards Akron, New Philadelphia area, that's the back edge of these clouds that are going to continue to break up tonight. And tomorrow, we will get some sunshine. Clouds will mix in from time to time, though, so that clearing trend takes place, especially after midnight.

We'll have partly cloudy skies for the day tomorrow. I think it's going to be a better looking day. Once we get towards Tuesday, a mostly cloudy setup. Maybe well North of the city, an isolated sprinkle, but I think are better shots for rain start to come into play Wednesday and Thursday.

So just know the next couple of days are going to be mainly dry, and then once we get to Wednesday, that'll be our next shot for rain and even some thunderstorms. 43 degrees, tonight, chilly. Those skies clearing out, so it'll start to look a lot nicer. If you like to stargaze, just know those temperatures dropping down to the low to mid 40s.

Tomorrow, we find our highs back in the 70s. Finally, 72 degrees. It'll start to resemble something that looks like May with a warmer setup, light and variable winds. And you can see hour by hour here, partly cloudy skies through the day with those temperatures.

Once we get to the later parts of the afternoon, inching into the lower 70s. Mid 70s for Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies. Those mid 70s continue Wednesday, Thursday. And you'll notice, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, that's the more unsettled part of the forecast, where we get some rain. And we get some thunderstorms. But overall, you'll see a gradual warming from the middle to late parts of next week. So mid 70s, Wednesday and Thursday, upper 70s Friday, and by next weekend, we're talking low to mid 80s with partly cloudy conditions, John.

- Wow, it looks great for next weekend and tomorrow.