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KRISTIN EMERY: Rich, you know the old joke. We always joke around and say that, you know, if it's the arts festival it's got to be storms. But we may luck out for this first weekend. In fact, it may be the opposite. You may need the-- the umbrella to shade you from the sun, and a fan, because we could be hitting 90 degrees.

Right now, we'll get through some storms for the last chance of real measurable rain we have this week. We have just one more line of showers and some thunderstorms that's starting to snake through the area. It's a cold front that's off to the west. So these are small and sort of scattered you see a little bit of activity just kind of moving in across the Ohio-Pennsylvania border there.

We've seen small but intense downpours all along I-80 over the past 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours. Scrubgrass area, Clarion had some rain. Right now, it's just to the northwest of Finley there. Slippery Rock had a couple of small downpours. Now, there's a little more steady, larger area of rain just over Newcastle and then just up to the North in Sharpsville with more activity headed our way from Youngstown.

So the cold front that's passing through it's touched off some strong storms across portions of central and southern Ohio, Eastern Kentucky. But our instability is limited because we have so much cloud cover in place. So most of the severe risk you see over toward Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, that's where they're getting more flooding concerns and severe thunderstorm warnings, a lot more lightning.

That's the focus for severe weather that's been there all afternoon, evening. We're sort of secondary, with a lesser chance. And you can see that line of storms, it's sort of dying out. It came through Columbus, that area is losing its energy. And the area to the south is running into some drier air.

So these may hold together long enough to give us a couple of stronger storms, but it'll be really ongoing throughout the evening up until around midnight until the rain chances end. Right now, just cloudy skies, 71 in Pittsburgh. We've made it up to 72 in Greensburg, 74 in Connellsville. Morgantown, 72. Wheeling, 71. Everywhere north, still in the 60s.

And hour by hour, we'll call for isolated scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms up until around 10:00 PM. And then after that, dipping down to the lower to mid 60s with just a few scattered showers. You see after 11 o'clock, futurecast kind of takes away our chance of rain. There's tomorrow morning.

We'll start off with a little bit of cloud cover. We will see a stray shower or an isolated thunderstorm chance tomorrow afternoon just with the heating of the day, but we'll see some sunshine break through as well. And boy, will things heat up. There you see nice, clear skies Saturday. That will allow those temperatures to soar into the mid 80s, a good 10 degrees warmer than average.

More sunshine and more heat on Sunday and most of next week. So 63 tonight, scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms. That threat ends after midnight. And we could see a stray thunderstorm or shower in spots tomorrow, but most of the day we'll see gradual clearing, warming all the way up to 80. Saturday,

Sunday, here comes the heat. Sunshine under high pressure, 86 Saturday, 89 Sunday. Monday, 90 degrees. Tuesday, almost 90. Expect we'll see a couple of 90s along and South of I-70. We still stay warm-- or a downright hot, I guess we should say-- Wednesday, Thursday, but chance of some storms moving in. And finally, that heat breaks as we head toward next weekend.

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