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- [INAUDIBLE] generally great my neighbors, I make myself look big, I don't run, and what was the other thing?

- Secure all your food. Make sure you don't have--

- Make loud noises.

- Make loud noises.

- Yeah. Just standard operating procedure. Ray Petelin is following some loud noises.

- Above our studio area.

- It was right there.

RAY PETELIN: I even tried to make myself look big and it wouldn't scare them away. So we still have these thunderstorms we're dealing with. And actually some of these here in town are dumping some heavy rain at times. And the top edge of this is right towards downtown. So occasionally we'll get this big push of rain. And then it'll pull back a little bit. But from Pittsburgh almost to Brentwood, we have some pretty steady rain, then back down toward Scott Township to Swissvale.

So this is where we have that heavy rain. And you can see it encompasses a good stretch of the Parkway East. So that could be slowing some commuters home tonight. This is a view from Gateway Center looking back towards Heinz Field. The West end's in the background. Some rain is on the lens because it was just pouring a couple minutes ago. And you look back the other way from the North Shore towards downtown. Here's the Fort Duquesne Bridge. You could see just some rain in the background there as this storm is pretty stationary right now. But it is starting to lose some steam, although we do have some fresh lightning out towards Scott.

But the rumbles of thunder you may have heard out towards Robinson, those are starting to wrap up. North Bethlehem, back to Amwell, some pretty steady rainfall. This goes towards Fallowfield almost up to Monongahela right now. And overall, we've been watching that little line of storms down there in Washington County that's been just holding on. And then this one's been dying out. This is in Washington-- Washington, Indiana County. And this is trying to cross over towards spots in Cambria County.

So this is going to start petering out. So it's moving towards Blacklick. By the time it's out towards Portage, I'm thinking that one should be done. Northern parts of Butler County, we're still seeing this whole thunderstorm moving away from Slippery Rock. This is traveling just along Northern Butler County. It will continue to do so. But that's lost a little bit of steam as well as this one up just North of Findley on 79. This is North of 80 in Mercer County. So we have a few of these storms around. There's another cluster coming in from Ohio. That will be moving through and give us some additional showers and rumbles of thunder.

Temperature wise, most of us are in the low to mid 80s. So our temperatures are very huddled together. Tonight, we're down into the mid to upper 60s. And as our temperatures start to approach this point, we're going to start seeing some pockets of fog, especially for those areas that had a heavy downpour today. So pockets of fog tonight and early tomorrow morning. And tomorrow, we do it all over again. We're going to see those warm temperatures, those muggy conditions. And during the afternoon, the showers and thunderstorms are going to start popping up again. So you can see how things quiet down tonight early tomorrow morning.

We're looking pretty quiet, but we get to the afternoon and the showers and thunderstorms develop. This is going to be the case over the next several days. So tonight, we get temperatures down into the upper 60s. Those areas of fog and the thunderstorms are going to get diminished to showers, and then they'll pretty much be drying up by early tomorrow morning. Scattered rain and thunderstorms again for tomorrow. And we'll find most of the activity in the afternoon and evening. So once we get close to lunchtime, that's where the showers and thunderstorms start turning on.

Over the next seven, you're going to see these warm temperatures continue. The muggy conditions continue with the showers and thunderstorms attached through Friday. A little isolated activity on the weekend. I don't think it's going to be a washout though. And a little more quiet for early next week. And with the showers and storms in the forecast, make sure you get the KDKA weather app, hourly forecasts, plus an interactive future that's built into the radar, one of my favorite features of this app. Just go to your app store or Google Play and search CBS Pittsburgh.