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Video Transcript

SPEAKER 1: the cosmos are really having a moment, aren't they? Very, very on trend, and fortuitously we have a meteorologist who loves that stuff.

SPEAKER 2: he's Ray, you've admitted to being a weather nerd. You're also a space nerd?

RAY: I am a space nerd. And I'm just very, very happy that when you said gas giant you weren't going to say my name afterwards. We have this rain. There's some hot air coming out right now. We get some rain up to the north of Pittsburgh. Most of it light until you get back towards Beaver, East Liverpool, it's a little steadier. But generally, the rain is on the lighter side until you come out of Beaver County along 422.

That's where you get a little batch of some heavier rain. But overall, it's steady, and a lot of the lightning and thunder is coming to an end that was accompanying the heavy rainfall we had just an hour and an hour and a half ago. Kishke area, southern Armstrong County still seeing some steady rain, a little heavier at times, too. That's the case in Indiana and also as you get from the ridges of Fayette County and start heading up into Somerset. Some steady rain there just north of Addison coming out of Henry Clay.

So we have been seeing this hefty rainfall. And as this rain was coming down in [? Fombell, ?] check out this picture that we had. This is sort of concerning to people who don't know what you're looking at. This is what we would call a SCUD, scattered cloud under deck. And what it is, is some condensation that happens as that rain's coming down. You get that condensation that reaches towards the ground. This does not look like it's spinning, although from a distance it might look a little scary. But these are not concerning in any way, shape, or form.

That's what we would call a SCUD. Very cool picture from Melissa on her trip into [? Fombell. ?] 72 right now in Pittsburgh, to Butler 76 in Newcastle, Greensburg's 73, 78 in Morgantown. These temperatures a little cooler now, thanks to the rain cooled air. And the numbers are continuing to drop. But typically, Franklin would be one of our cooler temperatures. The rain hasn't made it up there yet, so they're still on the warmer side. Rain has been coming down pretty good today in Pittsburgh. Anything that's around downtown right now is very light, but we're still pretty much waterlogged from that heavy downpour that came through a couple hours ago.

Right now we have that 72 degrees, winds out of the northeast at 5 to 10. And this rainy cycle that we've had is going to continue. So tonight temperatures down to the mid to upper 60s with areas of fog developing. So it'll be one of those nights where you get after the heavy rain, and when you have high humidity, you get those areas of fog. We've been waking up to that patchy fog the past few mornings, tomorrow is going to be no different.

68 degrees to start it off. Muggy start to a muggy day, even though temperatures are going to top off in the 70s tomorrow. It's not quite as warm as it's been, however it's going to be just as muggy. And we're not done with the heat just yet. Getting into the weekend those temperatures will take off. But let's start off with your Friday.

Some spotty showers for or four to seven AM, these are going to be pretty broken up. Once we get into the afternoon and evening, the rain chances go up dramatically. And Saturday the temperatures spiked back into the mid 80s with muggy conditions. After some storms on Sunday, we'll start to see the humidity go away. The temperatures are going to drop a little bit to a more comfortable zone. And we're going to get plenty of sunshine.

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