KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (6/5)

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Video Transcript

- Well, it has been a very active day in Pittsburgh. The fans are over at PNC Park, the Arts Festival folks. And Kristin Emery, I have to tell you, the weather's been pretty good for all this.

KRISTIN EMERY: Beautiful. I mean, first of all, we don't have rain for the first weekend of the Arts Festival, which is typical that we have rain. So that's one, really, feather in our cap. And then we have bright sunshine. It's a beautiful night. Although, I know that steam and the heat has been ratcheted up just a little bit.

So if you look at the beautiful view we have from the north shore, you can see the little floating tiki bars there on the water. That would be a great place to be right now because it is still pretty warm out there. Look at the numbers.

We're at 83 degrees at 7 o'clock at night. Winds west at 8 miles per hour. We're looking at the dew point at 57. Relative humidity at 41%. Just a great evening on the way.

It's a little warm, but we have a nice little breeze. Temperatures are in the lower to mid-80s across much of the area. Only Somerset and Waynesburg have fallen into the upper 70s so far.

Temperature change over the past 24 hours, we're up almost 5 degrees over this time yesterday. Now, yesterday, if you were watching, we were up 9 degrees from the day before. And we've increased another 4. So overall, a big jump in temperatures over the last 48 hours.

There you see the normal high is 77. Tomorrow, we could very likely see our first 90-degree reading of the year in Pittsburgh. And then after that, we cool off-- I won't say cool. But we take a little step back from the heat, just a little bit, as we're back to the mid-80s and even the lower 80s toward the rest of the week.

Big high pressure ridge over the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. That's what's pumping this hot southwesterly wind into our area. It's also sinking air, dry air, keeping everything at bay as far as cloud cover or moisture.

Now, Futurecast keeps us in that same scenario overnight tonight and through much of the day tomorrow. Hardly a cloud around until later in the afternoon. There's 6:00 PM. You'll start to notice a couple of cumulus clouds building later in the day. And then tomorrow night, a little cloud cover rolls in in time for Monday morning.

That high pressure ridge breaks down just enough Monday that it's going to allow a little more humidity and moisture to creep in here from the southwest. That, with the heat of the day, could touch off-- there you see-- a couple of isolated, scattered showers, maybe even a thunderstorm in spots later in the afternoon as we get into the 80s. That same pattern will repeat Tuesday through Friday, although we do get a little bit of a break in the heat Thursday into Friday with a cold front swinging through.

So tonight, mostly clear, warm, 65 your overnight low. Tomorrow, 90 degrees, mostly sunny, warm southwesterly breezes once again. And here's your seven-day forecast. The heat is on, although tomorrow will be the hottest, another code orange air quality alert day. And then Monday, Tuesday, 85. Wednesday, Thursday 84, 83.

So we take a little step down with a chance, Monday through Thursday, of an isolated afternoon shower or thunderstorm with the heating of the day, just very stray in spots. Now, Friday, Saturday, we're in the lower 80s. There's a cold front that will swing through Thursday into Friday, give us a little bit of relief as we head into next weekend.