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Video Transcript

BRYAN SHAW: Hi there everyone. Good morning. I'm meteorologist Bryan Shaw.

We are tracking a few rain showers. Rain showers are now moving to the east. A lot of this is clearing up for us, which is good news. There's still just a few leftover, the heaviest just south of Punxsutawney. You see that little area of orange and yellow.

There's a few lighter rain showers to the southwest in the northern part of West Virginia, in eastern Ohio, in the Ohio Valley, and we are going to see those move through western Pennsylvania. That'll clear up throughout the rest of this morning. And behind it, there's actually a lot of clearing of the cloud cover.

So we're going to see some sunshine for today, and then there's another round of rain showers that's going to move in for tonight and for Monday. But it's going to be light. It's going to be scattered. It's going to be a lot like what we had for the overnight last night into early this morning. So just another round of those rain showers.

Currently, out there, temperatures not too bad. It's just overcast skies. We're in the low 60s. It is a little muggy. There may be some fog in some spots. So you are going to have to be aware of that.

We are tracking just a slight chance for a couple of sprinkles from time to time, but I do think we are going to stay mainly dry throughout the rest of today with a little bit of sunshine. Temperatures are going to be cooler. You're going to notice a big difference from yesterday to today, but we were close to a record yesterday.

It was 80 degrees, the record being 82. We're going to drop down into the upper 60s for our highs for this afternoon. That is still well above average. We should be at about 60 for this time of year, and we're going to climb into the upper 60s for this afternoon with some sunshine. So a pretty nice day.

But then here come some of those rain showers returning. They're hit or miss. They are light. A lot of this is while you're sleeping. As you're heading off to work for tomorrow morning, we'll have a few spotty rain showers around, some scattered rain showers here and there.

Temperatures for tomorrow, for the highs, are going to be closer to that average mark, closer to where we should be for this time of year, in the upper 50s and low 60s. But it's likely going to be pretty cloudy through tomorrow, a little dreary out, there a little bit grayer with those light rain showers from time to time. So expect that. Another round for the evening.

So with this system just being here, this is just going to be around for us for a little while through tonight and through most of the day on Monday. But I do think Tuesday is looking to be drier and looking to be a much better day. So a mix of sun and clouds for today, still above average, with temperatures in the upper 60s. A strong southwest wind helps with that. It is a little breezy out there.

It will be a little gusty for tonight as well, with gusts at around 25, 30 miles per hour, some scattered rain showers. But temperatures only dropping down into the low 50s. For tomorrow, expect a pretty cloudy day, a few light rain showers from time to time, and a bit cooler. Highs are only going to be in the low 60s. This is overall just a cooler pattern, a cooler trend for us.

Wednesday we fall down into the low 60s, Thursday in the upper 50s, with a few more rain chances in there. If there's going to be any washout days, that does look like that's going to come Thursday or into Friday.