KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (3/27)

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Video Transcript

KRISTIN EMERY: Temperature's going to be close to 70 today. Our normal high is 54. So our normal high is getting to be pretty mild this time of year, and we're almost there into the 50s already.

We're looking at 45 degrees in Pittsburgh now. And generally, all across the area, we have some nice temperatures in the upper 40s. To the west of I-79, Newcastle, Beaver Falls, even Wheeling in the upper 40s, and then a little cooler over to the northeast. Clarion Kittaning still in the mid to upper 30s, along with Waynesburg.

Downtown right now we're looking at 45 degrees, still mostly cloudy skies. But we'll start to see those clouds break up as we head through the mid-morning hours. And light winds right now, only about three miles per hour, and boy, that's a change from what we had yesterday in the afternoon.

Wind gusts of 40 50 plus miles per hour, causing all of that damage yesterday and the power outages. We have a calm start to the weekend, and then, tomorrow, the winds pick up a bit.

But first of all, let's go through today. You see satellite radar loop. Not a whole lot going on. In fact, mainly along and south of I-70, the clouds are pretty much already starting to break up. And they'll be scoured out from south to north throughout the morning today.

So by this afternoon, some nice sunshine. Temperature warming all the way up to 70 with this approaching warm front. Now, you see wet weather off to the west out to the west of Chicago. That's part of the cold front with the second half of this system that will affect us tomorrow.

So here's the Futurecast timing it out for us. Right now, just some cloud cover giving way to mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. Here's 6:00 PM. Should be a really nice afternoon and the evening temperature-wise and some nice sunshine this afternoon.

But watch this evening. The clouds begin to build again from west to east late tonight. Here's 5:00 AM. Tomorrow morning, we're looking at a warm front lifting through the area. So that'll keep us mild overnight and through most of Sunday.

With this instability, we could have a couple of thunderstorms pass through, giving way to just a few showers by late morning. There's 10:00 AM-- little bit of a break. And then through the late afternoon evening, here comes the trailing cold front.

Not a lot of showers left with this, a few scattered showers. But watch what happens tomorrow night. We could see the showers and as a few wet snowflakes mixing in north of Pittsburgh up toward I-80 and especially up toward Lake Erie.

It'll be chilly Monday-- well, for us, compared to what we've had lately, but a chilly start in the morning in the 30s and highs in the 50s. So today, gradual clearing. A nice Saturday, a high of 70.

Sunday, early morning showers, possibly a thunderstorm, gradually tapering off-- the high 62. Monday, here's the chilly air. Only lows in the 30s, but we're up to 53 for the afternoon high.

Tuesday, Wednesday we're back up to the 60s, but another blast of chillier just in time for Thursday, Friday. Knocks us back down to the 40s. We'll recover back up to close to 60 though for the Easter weekend.