KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (3/13)

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Video Transcript

MARY OURS: And it's cooler from yesterday. That's for sure. But this is seasonable. This is average for Marc Temperatures later on this afternoon are still going to be around 50 degrees. And we're going to have a lot of sunshine. So that's certainly going to help. And those winds will be light. So it is going to be a nice weekend that you want to get out and enjoy.

So temperatures right now, they're a little chilly. We're at 29 degrees. Winds are out of the north, so that don't really help out too much. That's ushering in that cooler air. So we got a weak front that is to our south. High pressure building in.

So clear skies. And we're not seeing very many clouds. If we had clouds, it may keep it a little bit warmer. But right now, we are looking at the mid-20s for areas north. And from this time yesterday, we're cooler by about 10 to even 15, close to 20 degrees for some spots. So right now our wind speed's only at about 5 miles per hour. Even many areas are calm. So most are feeling as is. So not too concerned with any windchill.

Now areas further south, a few more clouds. Also, all that rain towards Nashville, that's staying south. We will not see any rain until later on into the evening on Monday. So right now on our satellite and radar, nice and quiet-- no trace precipitation. Plenty of sunshine today with highs into the upper 40s. And that's exactly where we should be for this time of the year.

Tomorrow, it'll get a few degrees warmer, partly cloudy. So a few more clouds will start to build in. But actually, the coolest day of the week will be on Monday. So we're seasonable for the weekend. And then we have rain moving in late Monday, maybe even a little bit of a mix. So let's time that out for you in Futurecast.

Don't worry, no accumulation expected with this. But we will see those chilly temperatures lasting through early Monday morning, with lows in the mid-20s. And then here comes that round of rain, even a possible period of freezing rain, that mix. And that'll be about 7 o'clock Monday. So it could be pushed a little bit later on into the morning on Tuesday. But for the most part, we're going to be warming up on Tuesday back into the mid-50s.

So that's our next round of precipitation. Really dry for the weekend. So get out and enjoy it. It's 49 today, mostly sunny with northerly winds at about 5 to even 10 miles per hour. So tonight, 32 degrees just a few degrees warmer than where we are right now because we will have a few more clouds building in.

But looking at our seven-day forecast, don't forget we spring forward. The coolest day of the week, Monday, we have another chilly start into the mid-20s. Highs in the mid-40s for Monday. And then we'll have that mix late Monday into early Tuesday but mostly just looking at rain showers for Tuesday morning. So you'll just see that rain when you're at the bus stop. 55 for our high.

Then St. Patrick's Day we're at 56. Lows will be back around 40. We have some rain possible Thursday with a high of 54. And 45 on Friday. Small chance we could see a few snow showers. But again, no accumulation expected.