KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (4/9)

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Video Transcript

- We did have some rain, though, moving in overnight. David just mentioned that. So is it sticking around all through the day today?

RON SMILEY: It really doesn't look that way. It's mainly going to be around this morning. I still do continue into the afternoon a 20% chance for rain, but really we have about a 40% chance this morning. That's as its outer of band of this upper low is sliding through.

We're going to take you down to the South as you can see I-70 right there. You can see here it's the Uniontown area. So this is Fayette County. This is Greene County. This is Washington County. There's the city of Washington.

And we do have some rain moving towards the Monessen area. So Monessen, you've just saw a round of rain. Probably a little bit heavier, the rain that you're going to see coming in. Probably within the next 15 to 20 minutes it will start to push by you, continuing to move southern parts of Allegheny County towards Westmoreland County.

This is all part of this outer band of this upper low that is slowly churning and moving our way.

We'll continue to have a chance for some rain over the weekend. Late Saturday it looks like into Sunday will be the next solid chance for some rain after this band moves out this morning.

So I do want to point out that this particular model also continues to try to show-- you can see it right there-- some redevelopment on the back half moving into the afternoon. That's going to be a small chance. I'll point it out to you. Some other data is showing that most, though, showing us mainly dry. That's why we had that 20% chance in this afternoon.

Temperatures this hour-- it's 58 degrees. Your temperature that we're seeing, we're looking at the windchill coming in-- should say the dew point coming in at 51 degrees.

Winds are calm and the barometer [? 29 ?] 8,700 of an inch. So it is on the low side and will continue to dip as that upper level gets closer to us.

Temperatures-- there they are. 58 in Cranberry. Pittsburgh at 58. And Washington coming in at 57.

Hey, yesterday we hit 82 degrees. That tied the record high in Pittsburgh that was set all the way back in 1875. Yeah we saw that yesterday for our high.

Let's quickly get your forecast. 76, your expected high temperature today. All right. Temperatures, you can see in their mid-70s generally but cooler-- or colder I should say-- the further off to the east you go.

Here's your hourly forecast. 9 o'clock, 61. 68 at noon. Your 3 o'clock temperature there at 74. A little sunshine poking out for the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies and a small rain chance around this morning.

Here's your seven day. 76, the high temperature today. I'm bumping up highs tomorrow because it looks like most of the day will be dry. 78, evening rain showers going into Sunday. I think most of the day on Sunday is dry, too. 63 your expected high there. And a Monday high coming in at 64 degrees.