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Video Transcript

BRIANA SMITH: And, Brian, I am no golfer, but today or this week is a good time to go golfing?

BRYAN SHAW: Yeah, I think there's going to be a lot of people out for today. Maybe not early this morning with that little bit of frost, probably going to have to wait for the frost to clear up as temperatures warm up because of the clear skies that we had overnight last night.

But we're starting to see the sun come up. Bright, sunny skies for us for this morning. As we get closer to sunrise, just a couple of minutes away at this point, we're only about nine minutes away from actual sunrise. And we are going to see the sunshine early for today, and then see the cloud cover increase a little bit for this afternoon.

There already is some cloud cover to our west in central Ohio and the southern part of Ohio. It's a little bit of cloud cover on the way as we go throughout the day. And then those rain showers that you're seeing in southern Illinois, southern Indiana, western Kentucky.

That's all going to move through for later on this evening and tonight. But a lot of it should be gone by the time you wake up for tomorrow, outside of a rogue sprinkle here and there throughout the course of the day. The other good news is temperatures are going to be back on the rise. It has been cool.

Briana was talking about snow coverage just the other day. On Wednesday, we were talking about snow, and then had to melt all that up, and we've been gradually warming up. And we're going to continue with that trend as temperatures jump up into the mid-60s for today.

But by the middle of the week, we're talking about temperatures in the 80s for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. So some much warmer weather is on the way. And we're going to continue with those warmer temperatures even into the weekend.

Even with a little bit of a cool down, it doesn't look like it's going to drop back below average. We're going to see those temperatures staying in the mid to upper 60s, even with a little bit of rain on the way for us for the end of the week.

For the rest of today, I would expect that cloud cover to start to increase. Temperatures bump up actually pretty quickly. With the sun coming out, we'll climb into the mid to upper 50s. The southerly wind helps that as well.

Then you see those clouds start to move in. Temperatures are going to be in the mid to low 60s for our highs for today. So actually, right on par for this time of the year. 65 degrees is where we should be for this time of year.

It's a little bit cold this morning, but mid-60s is right on par. Here comes those rain showers for this evening. It's in our southern counties at about 7-8 o'clock. Washington, Morgantown, Connellsville, Oakland, Summerset seeing those rain showers. Same thing in Latrobe.

Pittsburgh maybe not quite yet by 8 o'clock, but I would expect them by about 9-10 o'clock to be moving through. If you're in the northern counties, Newcastle, Franklin, DuBois, you're just going to see that you're going to miss the majority of the rain as it moves through.

Tomorrow morning, a couple of leftover light rain showers. We may see a sprinkle from time to time throughout the day on Sunday. Temperatures are going to be slightly cooler. But I'll tell you what you're really going to notice is that difference without the sunshine, especially in the early part of the day.

It's just going to feel a lot cooler for tomorrow, but that does clear up throughout the course of the day. Monday is going to start off cold in the mid-30s. But that has a lot to do with those clear skies.

So mid-60s for today with increased cloud cover and the evening rain showers, then the rain continues for tonight. It does dry up for a lot of tomorrow outside of a few sprinkles. We'll be in the mid to low 60s, so slightly cooler.

Warming up into the mid-60s on Monday. Mostly sunny skies and then there's the. 80s for a few days. We're going to see some light morning rain on Thursday. It looks like a bit of a washout as of right now for Friday, widespread rain showers on the way.