KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (4/3)

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Video Transcript

BRYAN SHAW: It's still a cold start to the day. Current conditions out there-- temperatures are sitting in the 20s for us. A couple of spots in the teens. But Pittsburgh is at 24 degrees. The record low is 21. We got close at 23. The calm wind is adding to that. When we have clear skies and calm wind, those temperatures tend to really drop.

There's a little bit of cloud cover to the northwest up towards northeast Ohio, Michigan, northern Illinois, northern Indiana. And that's going to move in for us for this afternoon. But you see it's just a brief area of some cloud cover. To the northwest of that, there's more clear skies. So late morning, early afternoon, we'll see a few clouds. But then it looks like more sunshine for the late part of the afternoon and the evening.

Overall, we're going to have a warming trend for the next several days. It has been chilly here. It has been chilly for most of the Midwest. It was this brief pattern where we had these below-average temperatures. But now we're getting on the warm side of this, you see more of those oranges and reds moving into western Pennsylvania.

There's a few of those clouds that we're talking about moving in mainly for the northern part of the viewing area near Franklin, Kittanning, Butler, New Castle. But still, a lot of sunshine expected for today. The farther south you are, the more sun you're going to see throughout the day.

Temperatures rebounding back into the low 50s. Upper 40s and low 50s by 2 o'clock. For 5 o'clock, we'll top off in the mid to low 50s. Even for this evening, 8 o'clock, upper 40s still. We don't get nearly as cold for tonight. We'll still see some cloud cover around, partly cloudy skies, but that helps keep those temperatures a little bit warmer for us.

So tomorrow morning, as you're heading off to church services for Easter Sunday, it looks pretty good out there, partly cloudy skies. And temperatures already in the upper 40s by the mid part of the morning. Into the afternoon, we are going to be rebounding back in the 60s. Mid to low 60s for our highs. We'll clear out from any cloud cover. Mostly sunny skies. Does look like it's just going to be a beautiful day for tomorrow. So get outside and enjoy this warm weather.

We're going to continue with the warming trend even into the beginning of the week. But as we get closer to the middle of the week, that's when we are going to start to bring in some rain showers. A little bit cooler for Monday morning, as temperatures drop down into the upper 30s. But even the afternoon then is going to continue to rebound.

10 o'clock, partly cloudy skies, mid 30s. So it's a slow climb this morning. It takes up till about lunchtime to where it's really comfortable in the mid 40s. Temperatures then jumping up into the mid to low 50s for this afternoon, as you see more of that cloud cover does clear out for us.

Tonight, we drop down into the low 40s. Not nearly as cold. It's not the low 20s and teens that we have this morning. But still partly cloudy skies. Then for tomorrow, for Easter Sunday, mostly sunny, temperatures in the mid 60s. Still staying-- staying sunny for Monday. Jeez, that's tough to say. Still staying sunny.

Mid to upper 60s, mostly sunny skies on Monday, scattered rain showers. So here's what we're talking about. And then for the home opener. Still some scattered rain showers around. I don't think any of these days are going to be a complete washout. There is going to be some dry time in those days. And so there will be some opportunity to enjoy some of that warmer weather in the low 70s.

So as we get a little bit closer we'll have more details of when you can expect that dry time.