KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (4/18)

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Video Transcript

BRYAN SHAW: A lot of fog out there for us this morning. It is going to be a foggy morning for likely the next couple of hours until these temperatures can start to bump up and we can get that temperature a little bit higher than the dew point and this fog will then clear. So be careful out there. There could be some spots where it's a little bit clearer. It's tough to tell because it's not showing up all that much on satellite and radar. It is a little bit to the Southwest here, near Wheeling, West Virginia, between Wheeling and Uniontown.

So there could be some spots when you're on the highway where it is fine. Visibility is fine. Then all of a sudden you hit that very thick fog. So be careful out there, especially with the temperatures dropping down into the upper 20s and low 30s for us. It could be a little icy on some of those roadways just because there's a lot of moisture in the air. To the West it is dry. All we're watching is this a little bit of light rain that's just North of Columbus.

That's headed this direction for a little bit later on today. So outside of the fog, I know this sometimes is a tough concept to understand, but the fog is like low lying cloud. But essentially above that, it's clear out there. And we're going to have sunshine. So once the fog fades out, we will have some sunshine for today. We'll see a little more cloud cover for this afternoon, and then that slight chance for a little bit of rain. Here come some of that cold air for the middle of the week for the Midwest.

In the short term, we are going to be warm. We're going to be bumping up to near 70 degrees for Tuesday. In fact on Wednesday, we're actually starting off pretty mild with temperatures in the 50s. But then they crash throughout the day as that cold air moves in. It'll stick around for Thursday, but then get out of here pretty quick. We will rebound quickly for the end of the week. But unfortunately it does look like it is going to come with some rain snow mix.

Temperatures for today, not bad. We're in the upper 50s and 60s. A little bit of cloud cover increasing, the slight chance for a couple of those light rain showers here and there, even into the early part of tonight. Clearing out into tomorrow, temperatures not quite as cold as what we have this morning, falling down into the low 40s. We'll rebound to the mid 40s by the time you're heading off to work. And then the afternoon looks pretty good in the mid to low 60s. And we're going to do the same thing on Tuesday as well.

Temperatures starting off in the mid to low 40s, and we bump up into the mid to upper 60s. So today, increased cloud cover after we clear out from this morning fog. Temperatures will be in the low 60s which is near average for this time of year. Tonight, a light rain shower is going to be possible, temperatures dropping down into the low 40s. Otherwise, expect partly cloudy skies. So not everybody sees a rain shower for tonight, not everybody is going to get that rain into tomorrow morning. And then a lot of it does start to clear out for us.

Tomorrow, temperatures looking a bit better. We are in the mid 60s. We continue to warm up into Tuesday near 70 degrees. Low 50s on Wednesday, going from rain to mix as temperatures fall. That high of 51 is early in the day, and then temperatures drop down into the low 30s. Mid 40s on Thursday. So we go the other direction.

We go from rain to mix on Wednesday, starting off with some mix in the morning on Thursday, but then rebound enough that we should change back to rain showers. We clear out for Friday, mid 60s. Rain showers for us on Saturday in the low 60s.