KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (5/2)

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Video Transcript

BRIANA SMITH: Taking a look at the weather now with meteorologist Bryan Shaw. Bryan, we had such a beautiful day yesterday and we're expected to have another one today, so everyone needs to get outside while they can, right?

BRYAN SHAW: Yeah, rain showers are going to move in for the overnight into tomorrow. We do have a little bit of light rain out there right now, but most of you are dry. Live look, downtown Pittsburgh, we can see some of the sun coming through. And then also a new spider friend has joined the camera. I decided I'm going to name him Toby as he's been hanging out throughout the morning, just kind bouncing in and out of the shot trying, to take over. Just a little spider guy hanging out there.

Our temperatures this morning significantly different than what we had yesterday. It's 60 degrees right now in Pittsburgh compared to at this time yesterday, we were sitting in the 20s and 30s. A little bit of light rain still around Clarion, Punxsutawney, that's moving to the east and that will clear up. So we're not expecting those rain showers to stick around long. The cloud cover will stick around a little bit longer, and then we should see more clearing as the day goes. A little bit of cloud cover will then move in from the southwest later on today. Mostly cloudy skies, and then eventually for tonight and early tomorrow, another round of rain showers will be on the way. And that's going to start a wet pattern for us.

So we are very warm today. We're likely going to get up around 80 degrees. We're going to stay mild for the next couple of days, even with the rain showers, but as we get towards the middle and end of next week, we're going to be into another cool pattern. Temperatures are going to drop down to the 50s for our highs, 40s for our lows. Some of the higher elevation spots could be in the 30s. So you see just the drastic difference between the pattern that we have right now compared to the pattern that we're going to have towards the end of the week where it's going to be chilly again, and also it looks like it'll be a little rainy.

So here's that cloud cover clearing up for us. Mostly sunny skies for the mid part of the day, temperatures in the low 70s at lunchtime. Highs in the low 80s, a little bit of cloud cover to start to move back in from the south, so we are seeing increased cloud cover this evening. Temperatures still in the mid 70s at 7:00. And even at 9:00, 10:00, it's still pretty warm. We only dropped down into the upper 50s and 60s for tonight. This is 4:00 AM where there's just a couple of light rain showers around. More widespread rain moving in by the time you're heading off to work in the morning. Temperatures in the upper 50s.

We're still going to see mild temperatures for tomorrow in the upper 60s and low 70s. We just see the scattered rain throughout the day and there is the chance for some thundershowers. Not necessarily storms, but some heavier rain and a few rumbles of thunder from time to time. We'll clear out briefly from those rain showers, but I'm expecting another wet day on Tuesday, as well.

High of about 80 for today with partly cloudy skies. You will notice it will be a little gusty. The winds will be a little strong, but that's what's helping warm us up. We stay mild again for tonight, just dropping down into the upper 50s going mostly cloudy for most of tonight because the rain showers don't really move in until about 4:00 or 5:00 AM. So that's more early morning tomorrow. And then scattered rain and thundershowers throughout the day tomorrow, high of about 72. 76 on Tuesday, still a little wet. Rain showers on Wednesday. Mostly cloudy skies on Thursday. Another wet day on Friday. We'll dry out for Saturday, but then you see it stays very cool. Highs are only going to be in the upper 50s for a few days there, when we should be in the upper 60s.