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Video Transcript

BRIANA SMITH: Now, we're going to take another look at weather. And like we were saying yesterday, too, Brian, we're not telling you not to go outside but just take a break when you need one, get under some shade just to stay safe.

BRYAN SHAW: Yeah just take it easy. I know everybody wants to jam pack the last year and a half of being cooped up into this weekend, but we have plenty more summer to go. It's going to be beautiful for today. It's going to be still warm throughout the course of the week, even though we are going to have some rain and storm chances. So just take it easy out there today, especially in the middle of the day, when we have our temperatures climbing into the upper 80s and potentially low 90s. Bright, sunny skies starting off this morning. It is a little cool to start off, actually pretty comfortable. So if you wanted to go for a jog or take the dog for a walk, now's the time to do it before it really starts to warm up. We're in the mid 60s right now.

Temperatures are going to warm up fast for us for today as they'll jump up into the low 80s by lunchtime, then upper 80s for this afternoon. Still clear skies across most of the region. Ohio, Western Pennsylvania Northern Indiana. There's a little bit of cloud cover to the Southwest and then some rain showers to the Southwest. We are going to have a couple of billowing cumulus clouds in the afternoon much like what we had yesterday. You see the overall pattern is to stay warm for the eastern half of the United States. A little bit of cooler air starting to take a dip into Montana up towards the Dakotas. But as we look at the temperature trend throughout the course of the next week, week and a half to almost two weeks, we are going to stay above average. Throughout all of this week, we're going to be in the low 80s, and then beyond that, being above average would mean we would be in the mid 80s.

Temperatures for today warm up fast with that sunshine. There's a little bit of that cloud cover that I mentioned for this afternoon. This is the hit or miss rain showers that we're going to see in the afternoons for the next couple of days. The cloud cover the same way, it's just not squeezing out those rain showers. Temperatures in the mid to upper 80s for this afternoon, could have a couple spots that get close to 90. Temperatures for this evening still warm, upper 70s, and low 80s at that point. But you see, there's more cloud cover around. A little bit of sunshine to start off for tomorrow. I would expect most of the day to be pretty cloudy, though. And then here's what I'm talking about with these hit or miss rain showers. You see there's a few around. It's not heavy rain or widespread rain that has moved through from a certain point. This is rain that develops over top of us, it moves through-- or rains itself out, and then just diminishes, and then it's gone towards the evening hours, where we will see it wrap up.

Temperatures still in the mid 80s for tomorrow, and then we're pretty much going to do the same thing on Tuesday. We'll start off dry, temperatures warm up into the mid to low 80s, and we'll have a couple of pop-ups in the afternoon. 88 for a high today, sunny, hot. Low 70s for tonight, so actually much warmer than what we're starting off for this morning. Then mid 80s for tomorrow with a few afternoon showers and storms. We're going to do that on Tuesday and on Wednesday, have a few afternoon showers and storms popping up. If there's a day where it's kind of a washout day, and most of the day you're going to have to spend inside, and there's a lot more rain and storm activity, that's going to happen on Tuesday. Then we're going to get back into the isolated pop-up variety for Friday and Saturday with temperatures in the low 80s.