KDKA-TV Nightly Forecast (2/23)

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Video Transcript

KEN RICE: It may be too cold for roller coasters today, even though it was up in the 40s. Tomorrow sounds pretty good though, right? Even warmer than today. I still cannot believe I'm hearing you say those words.

RAY PETELIN: Oh, it might be warm enough to crack the windows tomorrow.

KEN RICE: Now you're talking crazy.

RAY PETELIN: It sounds crazy.

KEN RICE: It does.

RAY PETELIN: It does. But at least a little bit, at least crack the windows a little bit, get some fresh air in. But temperatures, they're going up to the 50s, and here's a little indicator how you know that you're on the right path.

We have mainly clear skies for most of the area. A little cloud cover starting to work in from out towards Cleveland. But usually with clearer skies in February, you don't have temperatures at this hour still hanging on to the mid to upper 30s in many cases. So we have this mild setup, and this warm air is going to continue to pump in here.

Right now we have mostly clear skies, 37 degrees, light winds out of the Southwest. When your winds are out of the Southwest, typically that's warmer air pushing in. So we're only going to lose a couple more degrees between now and tomorrow morning, most of us waking up in the upper 20s and low 30s. Not a bad late February temperature.

But tomorrow's highs show that we're looking at some pretty warm stuff. And Morgantown's going to make a run for 60 degrees. That's certainly window cracking weather there.

Mid-50s for Connellsville and Latrobe, Washington, too, low 50s. Pittsburgh, we might even make a run for those mid-50s as well, and this comes with some early sunshine. So the front end of the day is going to be great. It's once we get past lunchtime where we start to see rain showers moving in.

And I know your eyes were drawn to the upper left corner of your screen, as a couple of rain drops are showing up there. The clouds are moving towards us, but this part of the system is actually going to sweep up to the North. That's where the warm front is.

And speaking of warm fronts, over the next couple of weeks we're looking at this warmer than average weather to be the main feature of the forecast. Just like the good chunk of February was colder than average, we're looking at the end of February and the start of March to come with mainly above average temperatures. Yeah, we'll have little dips in there, but when you look at the chunk of data at the end, it's likely going to be above average the way it's going.

And the first round of this is with this warm front-- that's lifting in. This takes our temperatures to the low 50s to mid-50s tomorrow. But later in the day, especially once we get past lunchtime, we're going to start to see some showers moving in.

So we get through the first half of the day dry, second half we see this cold front pushing in, and that's going to kick up a few showers. And these, likely arriving about 2:00, 3 o'clock, and lasting through the evening commute. That'll move on. A few snowflakes possible on the back end, but that's not going to be any snow that's going to be anything that's troublesome in any way, shape or form.

And high pressure moves back in, and that's going to keep us quiet for the end of the week, and pretty bright for the end of the week, but our temperatures will be a little closer to what we would expect for this time of year, and that's the lower 40s. So when it comes to tonight, we're looking at temperatures down to 32. A few more clouds will start to mix in through the rest of the night. A little breeze going on there.

For tomorrow, high temperatures back to the low 50s. This does come with some showers trying to develop in the afternoon and evening. Then partly cloudy skies, but cooler Thursday and Friday before we warm it up again this weekend. A few showers around, but I don't think this weekend's going to be a washout.

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