KDKA-TV Nightly Forecast (2/20)

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- And we are quite fortunate to be on a winterised power grid here. But Kristin Emery, it is a dangerous night to be outside. Be careful if you have to go outdoors.

KRISTIN EMERY: Yeah, absolutely. And lots of folks might want to leave the water running a little trickle or leave the cabinet doors open. Because we're going to be in the single digits. Some folks are already in the single digits. In Pittsburgh right now, you can see it's just a quiet night. There's no wind. Thankfully, it's not a blustery night. That would make it even worse.

But we have clear skies now. We're down to 11 degrees already. Look at the dew point. The temperature has just bottomed out over the past few hours. Dew point's at 5 degrees. And as we head toward tomorrow morning, if we even get just a slight breeze, we will have wind chills that will be below 0.

Right now, these are the actual air temperature. So Pittsburgh is still at 11 degrees. Cranberry has dipped down to 9. Look at the number in Washington and Waynesburg, four degrees already. Those already into the lower teens include New Castle and up into northern areas along I-80. Definitely going to be in the lower single digits.

But these are the wind chills. Again, it's not windy. So some folks don't even have a wind chill yet. But if we get a little bit of a breeze tomorrow, we will have wind chills that feel like 0 or below. So first thing in the morning, make sure you bundle up. The Almanac, well, not much to talk about today.

We had 23 for the high. That's all we could muster. Our normal high for this time of year is all the way up at 41. We will be there as we head toward almost the start of the week. So there's hope on the horizon for a thaw. Look at the low this morning. We were down to 13 degrees.

So we had those clouds. We had a few snow showers and flurries. Those all cleared out and died out as we went through the afternoon. So clear skies now. That's helping the temperature to bottom out as we don't have any clouds to insulate us. So high pressure giving us nice, clear, moonlit skies. But boy, is the temperature sinking.

And as we head through the overnight hours, we stay clear. Here's 6:00 AM, clear skies tomorrow. So cold start. But the upshot is we will have bright sunshine tomorrow. So it's going to look great outside but when you step outside, you'll definitely want the gloves and the hat.

Then as we head through the afternoon, evening, notice the cloud cover starting to build in again. And here we go with yet another round, hopefully one of the last, but another round of snow and rain. This will be kind of a nuisance system that comes through.

This is 4:00 AM. A quick shot of about an inch or so of snow, it'll be slushy. Because by 7:00 and 8:00 AM, we start to get warm air infiltrating that'll change it over to some rain. And by the time we get to 9:00, 10:00 AM, most areas from Pittsburgh to the south will have just rain showers and then a few flurries left up along I-80 and over into the mountains.

The rest of Monday night dry, and then another round of a few snow showers for the I-80 corridor and the Laurel Highlands on Tuesday morning. But overall, not a big weather maker as far as snow totals. We're looking at maybe an inch of snow around Pittsburgh all through the morning on Monday. And then rain on top of it.

So we could see about 2 to 3 inches at most in the higher elevations of the Laurel highlands and a little more than an inch, maybe up to two inches, up along I-80. So tonight, mostly clear, very cold, 7 degrees your low. This would be the coldest temperature so far this season if we dip below 8 degrees.

Tomorrow, sunny, 34. We get that quick shot of snow. And then rain Monday. But the highs up to 40. Tuesday, 43. And Paul, look at that, 50. And some sunshine for Wednesday.