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Video Transcript

- Ray Petelin, though, before we get to the weekend, we got to see what's going on with these rain showers in the area tonight. What do you got?

RAY PETELIN: Yeah, we're going to find most of our rain, even into the weekend, is going to be well timed. We're going to find it mostly at night, and the daytimes are going to be mainly dry aside from an isolated or passing shower. But we're into a night time, so we're into some rain.

And you can see a lot of that back into Ohio. Big cluster of some steady rain, even some lightning and thunder along I-70 between Cambridge and Columbus. That's on the way towards us, but we already have some rain in the area right now.

Most of it is on the lighter side, but for the most part, we're going to see these showers on and off over the next few hours before they become a little more widely separated. And then we see them dry up altogether tomorrow. Temperature wise, we're looking at 60 degrees in Pittsburgh. Most spots North in the low to mid 60s.

A little cooler down to the South, and the difference is we have some rain cooled air in here, where you get a little burst of some heavier rain. You get the temperatures dropping down a little bit, but today, we had 82 degrees. We tied a record set back in 1875, so this has been a long time coming.

We didn't break the record. We just tied it, but tying a record that's been standing for that long, that's a pretty big deal. 55 was what you wake up to in Pittsburgh, Latrobe tomorrow. Those low to mid 50s in many cases, and tomorrow, still warm temperatures. Just not as warm as the temperatures that we had today and yesterday.

We'll find our highs in the mid 70s. A nice looking day overall aside from maybe a spotty shower in the morning. We do add a couple degrees for Saturday. But beyond that, our temperatures just continue to inch Downward slowly, but surely. And it looks like this is going to be a trend that continues, even after Wednesday of next week, as we look for temperatures to fall below average.

So we have this big system that's going to cycle a few more areas of rain into our area, and we're going to see this on and off. A couple little steadier bursts of rain, but most of it should be pretty light. Here's a view of what we're expecting for 3:00 AM. Still some scattered light rain. That moves on, and then it's just spotty precipitation for tomorrow morning.

We're not looking at anything heavy or anything widespread. We should clear this out of here by lunchtime aside from maybe a stubborn sprinkle trying to hang out in some of the ridge communities. Then we see spreading sunshine. Clear skies tomorrow night into Saturday.

Most of Saturday dry. However, late Saturday, we start to see some rain moving in. It's going to be very similar to what we've seen the past couple of days, where it starts off is maybe a little spotty shower during the evening hours. And once we get into the night, that's where we see the steadier and more widespread rain moving in.

We'll see a few more of those showers lasting into Sunday as well. Sunday looks like our better shot for a daytime shower in the forecast, but it does not look like a washout in any way. So going through the forecast, we're going to see those temperatures down into the mid 50s tonight with scattered showers. Still mild conditions around, and overall, we're going to see these conditions hang out, for the most part, the next couple of days.

We're going to see those early showers and then clearing skies, and that's how it works tomorrow. Temps low to mid 70s, and you can see over the next seven days, these temperatures fall off a little bit as we go into next week and a lot by the time we get to the end of the forecast. And with an early shower in the forecast, make sure you get the KDKA Weather app. You can track it with the interactive radar. Plus there's hour by hour forecast built in there for free. Search CBS Pittsburgh in the App Store and Google Play.

- Thank you, Ray.