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Video Transcript

KEN RICE: All right, meteorologist Ray Petelin's been keeping an eye on the radar. It would be nice to see it clear out. It just seems like it's taking an awfully long time to do that, Ray.

RAY PETELIN: It is taking an awfully long time. And we're actually waiting on a second part of this system to move in later tonight and for early tomorrow. Then, we'll be able to hit the pause button on the rain. But right now is some of our steadier rain, and it's not that heavy. It's from Butler to Kittanning.

This is going to sweep through Ford City and Apollo's going to get a couple sprinkles. Also, 'Town is going to get a few of those rain drops trying to come into play coming out of the north side pretty much down the Parkway North.

Bigger view, you could see a little activity to the west and bottom left-hand corner of your screen there, that yellow. That would indicate even heavier rain trying to lift in. And we're watching that heavier rain very, very closely. Now, temperature wise, most of us are still in the low 60s so that tells us the cold front really hasn't taken over just yet.

We're at 61, Cranberry. 60, Kittanning and Butler. 60, Washington. Greensburg, 63. 67, even, in Morgantown. But Washington and Waynesburg are both in the lower 60s like Connellsville. We have these low clouds sweeping across downtown Pittsburgh as we look from the north shore towards downtown.

Overcast skies, 60 degrees, winds at 16 miles per hour. Now, we just had the wind shift, north-northwesterly winds now. So that means the cold front's coming through. And we're going to be noticing the dew point dropping so it's going to get more comfortable. And it's also going to start to cool off a little more quickly.

Tonight, we're going down to the lower 50s in most spots. And tomorrow, we don't rebound much, we're making it back to the mid 50s in most cases. So it's going to be a well chillier than average day considering normal highs are near 70 degrees. In addition to that, through the night and into tomorrow we have a flash flood watch.

Watches mean there are ingredients present, but the event hasn't come together. So we're not experiencing flash flooding at this point, but between now and 8:00 AM there's a watch for Greene County, Fayette County, and Monongalia County. And this is because we're going to get some more of this heavier rain lifting in.

You get some lightning and thunder happening in southern Ohio. You get some flood warnings, flash flood warnings in western Kentucky. That's part of what's moving towards us. This will be around during the early part of the day. So once we get towards 3:00, 4:00 AM through sunrise, we're looking at some of that heavier rain.

Now, here's a slower version through the futurecast so you can get an idea of what we're dealing with here. Rain at 3:00 AM starting to lift into these areas, Monongalia, Greene Counties. You can see that heavier precipitation. Watch how it just cuts right through this region and becomes more widespread heavy rain as it gets towards central Pennsylvania around 5:00 AM, but it starts to leave this region. We're still going to see a little rain passing through, through about 7:00, 8:00 AM.

And then, the rain is going to scatter out and become light, just spotty stuff. And I think it's going to be a drying trend through much of the afternoon, and that is going to last into Thursday. So we get a drier Thursday out of the deal. 51, though, for tonight. A little gusty at times as that front's coming through.

Once we get into tomorrow, we're going to see those highs in the mid 50s, scattered rain and thunder. And overall, it's going to be a pretty decent looking afternoon compared to the morning. The morning is going to be pretty much a washout. The afternoon, clouds, maybe a couple of peeks of sunshine, and only spotty showers, but not much of a warm up. 59 on Thursday, with clouds and sun.

Some showers mainly early on Friday. Saturday looks pretty good, but cool, 58 degrees there. And Mother's Day, 53 with showers. Now, the scattered rain is moving in.

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