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Video Transcript

- All right. Let's get the latest on the weather. Now here's meteorologist Ray Petelin. Ray.

RAY PETELIN: Yeah. We've been seeing this rain that's been sort of plaguing us this evening because in some cases that rain was torrential. It's all lightened up for what's left over. There's a little bit of sprinkle activity, southern Greene County. This is drifting towards Uniontown and Morgantown. That's our biggest area. Couple of sprinkles up into Beaver County. But I think the bigger thing we're going to notice here as we head through the rest of tonight is some fog trying to settle in. No major reports of fog in the last hour. But as we go towards morning and drop a couple more degrees here, we're likely going to see some of that fog settling in.

Mostly cloudy skies. 71, Pittsburgh. 72, Morgantown. Light rain there. Light rain in Somerset. But overall, temperatures, for the most part, are in the low 70s. Some 60s up in the ridges. And you can see that moisture in the air as we look towards Heinz Field. You can see the lights shining into that moisture. We have a dew point at 68 and temperature at 71. That gives us 90% relative humidity. So we're not far away from seeing some fog and some pockets of it, especially for areas that had that very heavy rain today are going to be settling in.

So Futurecast is going to pick up on some spotty showers tonight. But temperatures in the next couple of hours are going to dip down to the upper 60s. And that's going to leave us with fog. And again, that's the main thing. Tomorrow, our temps are going to be a couple degrees cooler than what we had today. Highs top off in the mid to upper 70s. However, this does come with additional rain, and the humidity is sticking around just as it has all week long. So here's that spotty shower activity late tonight. I don't think this is going to cause too many issues for the next few hours.

But tomorrow afternoon, we're going to get more of this rain cycling through. And these additional showers are going to continue to work until the evening hours, and then they'll break up. We'll start to clear it out for Saturday. Saturday comes with a little sunshine attached. However, Saturday afternoon, a few showers will try to develop. These are going to be isolated. And I think we get through most of the weekend, or start of the weekend, dry. The better chance for rain would come into play on Sunday afternoon. Tonight, 68, few showers, areas of fog.

Tomorrow, we're going to find those temperatures back to the mid to upper 70s, scattered rain, and some thunderstorms there. Easterly winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. And you can see through the week it changes up. So we get those scattered storms tomorrow. Any rain we see on Saturday is going to be an isolated occurrence. I think the bigger talking point is going to be it's going to be very warm and muggy as highs return to the mid 80s.

Low 80s Sunday with some thunderstorms scattered around in the afternoon. Then Monday, we turn on the sunshine. Tuesday, we turn off the humidity, and we see so much more comfortable temperatures back in play. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, mid to upper 70s, a little sunshine, lower humidity, very nice weather there. And whether the weather is very nice or it's that stormy stuff that we've been seeing, make sure you have the KDKA weather app. It gives you all the details on how the weather is going to play out. Just search CBS Pittsburgh in your app store or Google Play.