Keep your French Bulldog safe with these tips

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds according to the American Kennel Club. This puts them at high risk for dognapping.

Video Transcript

SOPHIE FLAY: Why are French Bulldogs commonly targeted by thieves? According to the American Kennel Club, French Bulldogs were the second-most popular breed in 2020.

BRANDI HUNTER: They're highly adorable, they're very cute. On social media, they are wildly popular. And I think these are ways that people get introduced to the breed.

SOPHIE FLAY: But as we've seen in recent news, French Bulldogs are often targeted and stolen.

- Lady Gaga's dog walker assaulted Wednesday night, while walking her three French Bulldogs.

SOPHIE FLAY: Hunter says French Bulldogs are really popular among celebrities, and often posted all over social media, making it easy for thieves to track them down.

BRANDI HUNTER: The breed does have a bit of a sticker shock to it. You see $3,500, $5000, $7,500 for a dog, it will definitely give you pause. So people are always looking for a deal. They want the breed, but then they'll try and find another means in which to get it.

SOPHIE FLAY: Plus they're small, and smaller breeds have a higher rate of pet theft since they're easy to carry. But Hunter has some tips to help keep your pet safe. First, always keep an eye on your dog.

BRANDI HUNTER: Don't just put them in the yard, and think they're going to be able to run and be great. They will, but that is prime target for thieves.

SOPHIE FLAY: Second, be careful with the information you're sharing on social media.

BRANDI HUNTER: That we all have fun with captions, and all that's great and wonderful. But you don't want to say, like, $7K, totally worth it. And you're posting a picture of your dog? Not necessarily the best idea. Thieves are technologically advanced. They really are. And they're getting smarter every day.

SOPHIE FLAY: And Hunter recommends microchipping in your dog.

BRANDI HUNTER: It is not a procedure that causes the dog any pain. But it is linked to a database where, if you keep your information updated, if somebody finds your dog, takes it to a vet, takes it to a shelter and it's scanned for a microchip, somebody can contact you.

SOPHIE FLAY: In Silver Lake, Sophie Flay. ABC 7 Eyewitness News.