'Keep Schools Open' rally being held in New York, nationwide

The group's main argument is that schools are essential, while advocating for a return to five days a week in-person classes.

Video Transcript

- Meantime, rallies are scheduled across the New York City area and around the nation in support of opening-- reopening public schools. In our area, an 11:00 AM protest takes place on Chambers Street. That's in Lower Manhattan, of course. A 2:00 PM rally is scheduled for Yonkers.

The group's main argument is schools are essential and safe, while advocating a return of five-day-per-week in-person classes. The nation's Education Secretary was recently asked to give his opinion on when he believes schools will get the go-ahead to reopen.

MIGUEL CARDONA: My priority is to reopen schools quickly. And, you know, I have experience doing that. So I know we can do it. And now, with the American Rescue Plan, I'm confident it's going to get done.

- The Education Secretary also conceded many school districts don't have the resources to implement some of the mitigation strategies to keep people safe and reopen across the board.