Keep supporting the Sun, our community needs it

This is a letter of support for Kitsap Sun editor David Nelson. I read his column on the Sunday, January 22nd Opinion page, "The times that small steps are what you can take." If my math is right, David is now in his 14th year as the paper's editor, and as local newspapers, especially print editions, become ever rarer and an increasing number of people are leaving the Sun's employ, I worry for myself and others who love the paper and deeply appreciate the local news it contains. It's information we can get nowhere else, and we would be poorer for its absence in our lives.

Beyond that, and really the point I most want to make, I am especially concerned for David and the daunting task he faces in working to hold things together and to ensure the Sun's continuation. We all owe him a debt of gratitude and heartfelt thanks for continuing to work against increasingly difficult odds to bring us, six days a week, not just national and world news but close-to-home pieces that connect us to and inform us about our local community. There is no other medium that does that. Please join me in supporting David and the Kitsap Sun team, whether simply with encouraging words or, if you're able and have knowledge or ability in a particular area, by exploring the possibility of contributing somehow. It is too important a thing in too many ways to lose.

Pam McPeek, Bremerton

This article originally appeared on Kitsap Sun: Keep supporting the Sun, our community needs it