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Keeping Up With The Kardashians: New Friends And The Bunker

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Kim and Khloe are curious about Kourtney's new friend, Addison Rae. Scared by the state of the world, Kim takes measures to prepare for the future, while Kris is afraid to let her mom celebrate her birthday during a pandemic.

Video Transcript

ADDISON RAE: Everyone has sunglasses on, except for me.

KRIS JENNER: You can wear my glasses.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It's all right.

ADDISON RAE: (LAUGHING) Here, look, I got some right here. Don't worry. I came prepared.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I like your nails.

ADDISON RAE: Thank you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I'm surprised Kourtney doesn't have long, coral-y, orange-y, neon nails now.

ADDISON RAE: Oh, no, she's going to redo them tomorrow.



KRIS JENNER: She's going to do long nails like yours?

ADDISON RAE: No. Should she?



KHLOE KARDASHIAN: We all decided to get to the bottom of Kourtney and Addison, so we invited Addison over for lunch, but without Kourtney. Because we just want to ask a couple of questions, and get to know her more.

KIM KARDASHIAN: We just want to feel her out a little bit.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Wait, so, where are you from?

ADDISON RAE: Louisiana.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Like, what's your story? So you're from Louisiana--

KRIS JENNER: When did you move here?

ADDISON RAE: Um, December.

KIM KARDASHIAN: So do you live with your parents?


SCOTT DISICK: Have you ever been arrested?


KRIS JENNER: What's your blood type?

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: What is your credit score?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Do you have siblings?

KENDALL JENNER: Oh, my God, you guys. Are you interrogating this poor girl?


KIM KARDASHIAN: So, what does Kourtney tell you about us?

KRIS JENNER: Who's her favorite?

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: What the [BLEEP] do you do to Kourtney to make her so happy?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Honestly, at the beginning we were like, wait-- are they--

SCOTT DISICK: I'm still thinking that.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Hooking up. If it was, like, that kind of relationship.

SCOTT DISICK: That was the elephant in the room. Is they were--

ADDISON RAE: No, we're not, Scott.

SCOTT DISICK: It's OK if you are.

ADDISON RAE: No, we're not!

SCOTT DISICK: Nobody judges.

ADDISON RAE: No, but it is funny. No, it's just very weird, that that's what the impression was.

- Yeah.

KIM KARDASHIAN: For just, like, two seconds.

SCOTT DISICK: I would say, like, four.

- Oh, my God, you guys. This is making me uncomfortable.