Keith Lee Helps Tennessee Entrepreneur Sell Out Of Her Chocolate Products In Less Than 1 Hour: ‘My Life Will Never Be The Same’

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TikTok star Keith Lee continues to help business owners receive recognition (and sales) via social media.

One of Lee’s most recent TikToks reviewed an artisanal chocolate products company called Cocoa Asante. Tennessee-based entrepreneur Ella Livingston founded the company and made a video on March 14 revealing she was emailing Lee in the hope she could send him some of her chocolates to review for his audience.

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On March 18, Lee stitched Livingston’s video saying he had already placed an order for some of her chocolates and was planning to review her products before he saw her TikTok video.


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“It was meant to happen; God makes no mistakes,” he said.

Lee began his review by sharing his thoughts on the boxes of chocolate, calling it “some of the prettiest packaging I have ever seen.”

He then tasted the four chocolate bonbons he received, each rating between 8.5 and 9.5 out of 10.

In the video, Lee said he was “pleasantly surprised” by how much he liked the chocolates, considering he’s not the biggest fan of sweet foods.

He added the candy was “one of the most satisfying purchases I’ve made in a long time.”

The only negative remark Lee gave was that a blue and gold milk chocolate bar he ordered cost $15, which, in his opinion, was too expensive:

“At the end of the day, it’s just a chocolate bar, so 15 dollars is crazy,” he shared.

Within an hour after Lee shared the video with his 11.2 million followers, Livingston was surprised that her products had completely sold out.

She took to Instagram to announce this exciting news and inform customers they would have to pre-order and wait longer than usual for their products to arrive.

Livingston then took to TikTok to reveal that within 36 hours of Lee posting his review of her chocolates, her daily revenue for her business rose from just under $1,000 to $24,719.

“I have been Keith Lee’d, and my life will never be the same,” she said in the video, adding she would soon hand in her resignation from her part-time job to focus on her business.

“Keith, you have officially retired me from being a teacher, and to that, I say thank you,” she said.

Lee later made a TikTok video reflecting on the considerable impact business owners say his videos have had on them.

“I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing; I’m walking on the path I’m supposed to be walking on,” he said. “I’m forever appreciative; I’m forever grateful.”