Keke Palmer’s Fans Livid Over Photos of Security Video Footage that Possibly Could Support Abuse Claims

Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty Images)
Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty Images)

Warning: This article discusses photos of domestic violence.

When Keke Palmer filed on Thursday for a restraining order against her former boyfriend (and her son’s father) Darius Jackson after allegedly suffering two years of emotional and physical abuse, she brought receipts. And those receipts—screenshots of Jackson appearing to strangle and body slam the actress pulled from the security system at her home—provided enough evidence for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Wendy L. Wilcox to grant the temporary restraining order request and give Palmer full custody of 8-month old Leodis, according to NBC News. Jackson is not allowed visitation, and a hearing in the case is scheduled for Dec. 5.

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MichelleTok has received nearly 38K likes for her TikTok that shared four stills Palmer gave to the court. “Darius and his brother need to go to hell,” she said.

“That man did WHAT to Keke Palmer?!???” said mspackyetti in a post to her 106K Threads followers. “WE RIDE AT DAWN.”

“Let’s find this man and beat him up for Keke Palmer,” islandgirl_ke wrote via X.

AAMusic reviews exclaimed on X, “If that dude [has] been putting hands on Keke Palmer then lock his a— up!!”

X user LeeIHaveMercy wanted to know, “We pulling up to whoop Keke Palmer’s baby daddy or what?”

On IG sadaraharri08 commented on user kekeupdate’s post of a photo of Keke and her son: “Stay safe Keke. And if you need some backup just say the word.”

I’m traumatized by the photos, though not enough to write social media posts calling for Jackson’s death. I am also thrilled Palmer received swift justice, but it’s disturbing she had to produce photos for folks to realize Jackson’s July behavior was controlling and problematic. And with 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in this country having experienced some form of physical violence from an intimate partner, what happens to the folks who don’t have security system videos? Where’s our righteous wrath for them?

If you or anyone you know is experiencing or being threatened with domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE.

Kendra Lee is a writer based outside Washington, D.C.

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