Keke Palmer Isn't Letting Tyra Banks Forget One Of Her Awful TV Blunders That We've All Seen 1,000 Times

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Social media users are feeling some cringy vibes while looking back at a 2008 video of Beyoncé doing an interview on The Tyra Banks Show. Host Tyra Banks tried to show off her comedic side in the interview, doing a bit where she used puns while asking random questions about the iconic artist.

“Buy-oncé, when was the last time you bought something in a store?” she asked.

Twitter users continued to cringe as the questions kept coming.

“Seanc-é, if you could communicate with anybody who’s passed away, who would it be?” Tyra asked.

And there was a lot more where that came from.

“Gray-oncé, when you get older, are you going to dye your hair,” “Clay-oncé, have you ever voted on American Idol” and “Slosha Fierce, when was the last time you was a little tipsy” were some of the questions the daytime TV show host asked.

“Squasha Firece, what sport do you like to play?’ the model added. “Washa Fierce, do you sing in the shower?”

Tyra also decided to throw in a random question about actors Josh Brolin and Josh Lucas.

“Josha Fierce, which Josh do you think is sexier?” she said.

After watching the old clip, actress Keke Palmer chimed in on the conversation, setting off a firestorm of reactions.

Some people apparently love puns as much as Tyra.

According to PinkNews, Banks responded to the reactions when the same clip resurfaced in 2020.

“I was Cray-Cray. Sorry (not sorry) @Beyonce,” she wrote in a tweet that’s now deleted.