Keke Palmer As The X-Men's Rogue? We Would Like To See It

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Fans cannot get enough of Keke Palmer. They love her so much that when they’re not lining up to see her in her latest blockbuster film, they’re fan-casting her in roles she would be absolutely spectacular in.

The latest Keke Palmer convo that’s got social media buzzing revolves around comic book enthusiasts wanting the actress to join the Marvel Universe. To be specific, fans would like to see Keke Palmer portray the role of Rogue in an upcoming X-Men film.

The conversation was sparked by a now-viral TikTok video posted by a user named Jacob Ford Ridgeway who suggested that based on Palmer’s dynamic personality, she would thrive if cast as Rogue.

“I loved seeing this video of Keke Palmer shooting her shot at [Marvel for] a superhero role but I looked in the comments and there weren’t really and good suggestions,” said Ridgeway in reference to a video of Palmer saying she was “manifesting a super hero role” while dressed in a head-to-toe leather Roberto Cavalli look for Vogue’s 7 Days, 7 Looks series.

“If you want [Keke] to deliver a powerhouse lead, she’s gotta have room to play in that role,” Ridgeway continued. “There’s only one way I can think of to give her that fun, boisterous role that she thrives in while also pissing a bunch of people off — let her be Rogue! Let her wear daisy dukes and throw a truck at Carol Danvers.”

Ridgeway, who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to comics, believes that safe roles like Storm, for example, “disregard Keke’s personalty,” and we think he’s right on the money.

It looks like Palmer is also here for it. She took to Twitter to share that she’s up for joining the Marvel Universe.

“Come on agentttttttt,” she tweeted along with a repost of Jacob Ridgeway’s TikTok video.

Of course, once social media got into it, hilariousness ensued. Marvel fans from Black Twitter, White Twitter, Nerd Twitter, Blerd Twitter, and everywhere in between gathered together to come up with hysterical Keke Palmer X-Men scenarios.

“Y’all I’m LIVING for these Keke Palmer as Rogue fan casts! Keep this energy up please,” A fan tweeted.

“I’m just saying. If Keke Palmer could find a way to make Marvel realize her as Rogue is a great casting. They should do everything in their power to make her the post-credit scene of The Marvels,” added another.

A few talented Twitter followers even shared their artistic interpretations of Palmer as Rogue.


Other’s couldn’t help but apply Palmer’s beloved responses and interview moments to Rogue’s story arch. We must admit, they were very funny.

“Rogue first meeting Gambit and Iceman:,” one viewer wrote.

“Rogue talking about how her powers prevent her from having sex,” another user wrote.

“Rogue giving her handpicked chaos team a pep talk before roasting the children of the vault:,” a user chimed in.


Others are plotting for other Black actors to join Marvel.

“Keke Palmer as rogue and Kofi Siriboe as Gambit, yeah I see the vision,” one user tweeted.

Another user, on the other hand, is lobbying for NeNe Leakes to portray Marvel character Storm.

Baby! My X-Men movie is shaping up to be real nice. @NeNeLeakes casted as Storm and now @KekePalmeras Rogue. We eating,” They tweeted.