Keldon again seeks variance to convert Conneaut Lake Park lands into RV park

Dec. 8—HARMONSBURG — The owner of Conneaut Lake Park wants a variance from 70-foot land setback requirements needed to convert the property into a family recreational vehicle (RV) park.

The Summit Township Zoning Hearing Board holds a public hearing on Keldon Holdings LLC's request at 7 p.m. Dec. 21 at Harmonsburg Presbyterian Church, 14282 Cemetery Road.

On Oct. 19, Summit Township Zoning Hearing Board members voted 5-0 to grant Keldon a special exception needed for its proposed family RV park.

The Conneaut Lake Park property is located in a B-1 business zone, which permits RV parks under Summit's zoning code via a special exception granted by the zoning hearing board.

At that same Oct. 19 public hearing, board members voted 5-0 to deny Keldon's request for a variance from a 70-foot setback that RV parks must have from perimeter property lines and public roadways under the township's zoning code. A setback is the distance in which building is prohibited.

However, the board's vote to deny Keldon's variance request did not prohibit Keldon from reapplying.

Keldon's preliminary master plan map shows 109 RV sites added to the park's Camperland property, located west of Route 618, with as many as 393 new 2,000-square-foot RV cabin sites added east of Route 618 on the amusement park land.

The amusement park area east of Route 618 also would have a swimming pool and an indoor amusement center, plus the amusement park's fabled carousel.

However, the public legal notice for the hearing states that without the variance from the 70-foot setback, 127 of the 393 proposed RV sites east of Route 618 would be eliminated. The 70-foot setback requirement also would eliminate 14.1 acres of land from being developed, according to the notice.

Keldon has submitted various possible options for relief from the 70-foot setback requirement in its preliminary layout of the land.

If a variance is granted, Keldon then would create a formal land development plan to meet all federal, state and township requirements before any permits for development are issued.

In testimony before the Summit Township Zoning Hearing Board in October, Todd Joseph, owner of Keldon Holdings, said an RV park with amenities is needed to create residual income for the property.

Keldon bought the amusement park — including grounds, amusement rides, water park and other assets — from Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park for $1.2 million at a public proceeding in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in March 2021.

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