Keller @ Large: Congressman Stephen Lynch Part 2

Jon Keller and Congressman Stephen Lynch to forward to the governor's race and the Boston mayoral election.

Video Transcript

JON KELLER: Welcome back to our conversation with 8th District Congressman Stephen Lynch. And Congressman, you just mentioned Governor Baker in the context of his handling of the MBTA. Do you think that he blew it by allowing recent reopenings at a time when the CDC and other experts are warning about another coronavirus surge?

STEPHEN LYNCH: He may have been a bit premature, but he was following-- at that moment, he was following the data, following the science. And, you know, it looked very good. However, you know, we've got more recent data that indicates that it may have been premature.

But I actually think that Secretary Sudders and the governor are looking closely at that. And if necessary, they will retrench a little bit. And, you know, if necessary-- I'm sure the governor, he's following the data. That's exactly where he is. And if necessary, I think-- I feel pretty confident that if things get out of hand, he would-- he would lock things down again-- not lock them down but certainly pull back on some of the freedoms that we've given to dining and things like that.

JON KELLER: Well, he certainly has taken his fair share of heat, as have all or many elected officials during this whole nightmare. His numbers seem to be hanging in there pretty well. Do you think he's going to run for another term?

STEPHEN LYNCH: Well, if you base it on activity and engagement-- you know, I see him a lot. I see him a lot in my district. We've been together, you know, probably three or four times a week lately. So if his energy and his work ethic are any indication, I would say probably. He's probably looking at running for re-election. You don't do this on the way out. He's been very hyperactive and hyperattentive to the situation here.

JON KELLER: Yeah, no lame-duck vibes coming off him. That's obviously going to be a huge political story. But in the meantime, there's a huge political story developing in the city of Boston known as the mayoral election. As a Bostonian and a voter, what qualities are you looking for in the next mayor?

STEPHEN LYNCH: I think there's one predominant quality, and that is can you represent the whole city-- the whole city? So Roxbury and West Roxbury, you know, Mattapan and South Boston, Dorchester, which in itself is diversity personified. So I'm eager-- look, I always told Marty Walsh and Mayor Menino, I would rather be friends with the mayor than be the mayor. And my job lends itself to a good relationship. So I bring money back to the city, and the mayor gets to spend it. How can that relationship go bad? You know, if we work at it, you know, whoever is the next mayor, their relationship with me will be a good one. But I do think that, you know, you have to be-- you have to have a wider perspective, and I think that's the most important quality.

JON KELLER: Do you think the race or gender of the next mayor matters?

STEPHEN LYNCH: Well, I think-- look, we've had, you know, 100 white-male mayors, so, you know, it's time to change, I think. You can feel that. People are eager to see that. But that will not determine the success of the next mayor. You know, people, you know, they'll be happy, you know, on election night if we can elect a woman or a person of color, but I know the people of Boston. And, you know, it's going to be did the garbage get picked up? Is the pothole fixed? You know, how are we doing with basic services, things like that? There will be no sentimentality in judging the next mayor. So they will be judged according to performance, I think.

JON KELLER: Congressman, our time's up. I've still got a bunch of stuff I wanted to get into with you, but let's connect again before very much longer and do that.

STEPHEN LYNCH: Always happy to join you--

JON KELLER: Thank you.

STEPHEN LYNCH: --Jon. Thank you. Have a great Easter.

JON KELLER: Thank you. You also, sir. Thank you for your time, and thank you very much for joining us. Right now it's back over to my colleagues for more WBZ News.