Keller @ Large: If Kim Janey Wants To Run For Mayor, She Will Have The Advantage

WBZ-TV's Jon Keller reports.

Video Transcript

- If Janey does run, she will face opposition from at least five other candidates, city councilors Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell, and Essaibi George. State Representative Jon Santiago, and Boston's former economic development chief John Barros are all in. And if she does decide to run, WBZ's Jon Keller believes that Janey will have a big advantage.

JON KELLER: Well, if Kim Janey does decide to run, she'll enjoy a couple of crucial advantages, both stemming from her role as acting mayor. First is visibility. While other candidates will have to fight for media exposure and share it among themselves, as mayor, she can make headlines and get on TV virtually any time she wants.

And secondly, the post gives her a great forum to brand herself. The last acting mayor, Tom Menino, grabbed priceless headlines by freezing water bills, pouring money into summer jobs for kids and community health centers, and challenging both police unions and state agencies over what he said was fiscal irresponsibility.

Menino defined himself as a populist fighting for a better deal for regular Bostonians, and it worked like a charm. Kim Janey now has a golden opportunity to do the same, and she has more time to do it than Menino had. He didn't become acting mayor until mid-July of 1993. She has several more months to achieve these goals.