Kelly Clarkson and Jenna Bush Hager bond over struggling with their weight

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Everyone's weight fluctuates from time to time, and that's something Kelly Clarkson and Jenna Bush Hager can totally relate to.

Jenna and her sister, Barbara Pierce Bush, appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson” this week to promote their new book "Love Comes First." During the interview, Clarkson showed the twin sisters a throwback photo where they were dressed identically as children, and Jenna couldn't help but critique their fashion choices.

"Those drop waist things were popular," she said of their dresses.

Clarkson agreed, adding, "Which is not good for girls with curves later on."

When Jenna remarked that she and her sister "were chubby," Clarkson quickly interjected and said, "You were not."

"Well, we were," Jenna continued.

"Uh, what?!" Clarkson responded.

Barbara then clarified that she and her sister weren't chubby in the photo Clarkson had just shown.

"Not there, but I was," Jenna insisted.

Puzzled, Clarkson replied, "I'm like, 'I don't think you know what chubby is.'"

Jenna turned to her twin sister and asked her once again if she was chubby as a child, but she said, "No."

"Barbara, I was," Jenna continued.

Still, Clarkson wasn't so sure. "You can’t ask someone that. (Barbara's) not going to be like, ‘You were a chub club,’" the singer quipped.

Barbara then underscored the fact that Jenna wasn't "chubby" in the photo Clarkson had shown.

"No, not there. But in my life, was I chubby?" Jenna asked her sister.

"Well, there was a stage," Barbara conceded.

"Thank you," Jenna said.

Clarkson then gave Jenna a high five and said, "I've had many (chubby) stages."

"It was college. It wasn’t (when this photo was taken)," Barbara said, as Jenna made a face in response.

When asked if their mom always liked to dress them in identical clothing, the sisters said she did for a while, but Jenna said they "rebelled" later on.

"And then we took each other's clothes instead," Barbara said.

"Although now I can't fit into her clothes," Jenna added.

"I don't fit into mine," Clarkson interjected. "Here's the thing. Jeans are so hard ... when you have a butt and smaller waist."

The original "American Idol" has previously spoken about weight fluctuations, in particular due to a thyroid and autoimmune issue that popped up around 2006. In an effort to treat her symptoms, she changed her diet, which helped her to lose about 37 pounds, she revealed in 2018.

"I know the industry loves the weight gone, but for me it wasn’t (about) the weight," she said at the time.

Clarkson is no stranger to the body-shaming that comes with weight fluctuations.

She opened up to Glamour UK in 2020 about, how even at her lowest weight, she was pressured to be smaller. She said magazines were "shoved in front" of her and she was told by people she worked with, "This is what you’re competing with and we’ve got to compete with it."

"I can’t compete with that," she said. "That’s not even my image. That’s not who I am. That’s who they are."

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