Kelly Clarkson on Why ‘The Voice’ First Stands Out to Her, As a Singing Competition Alum

Kelly Clarkson breaks down what made her so excited 'The Voice', and why she thinks the show is so special.

Video Transcript


KELLY CLARKSON: Well, I remember, actually, because Blake and I, we used to be managed by the same company. So I remember the head of the company telling me, yeah, he was like, Blake, this country artist I'm working with is going to do this singing show, and I was, like, meh.


I was like-- Because I was like, there's a lot of them.

- You know a thing or two about those. Yeah.

KELLY CLARKSON: Yeah. And so honest to God I was sitting there and I looked at him and I was like, I don't know. Like, you don't want to, like, tie him to, like, a brick in the ocean. And I remember him literally saying-- talking about the blinds and I was, like, what now? I was, like-- and he said, yeah, they're turned around so you can't, and I was like, oh. That's pretty cool. I was, like, nobody's doing anything like that. And that is what drives a lot of people insane in the industry is that video has killed the radio star, in a sense. I thought that was really clever.

And then the second season, I think, I came in to help Blake's team and we were all in a barn and-- and it was really cool. I had a really good experience because I have been one of these artists and it was cool because he actually gave a crap. Like, he really cared and it was-- it was nice. And I paid attention to that. I don't think I ever even told him that. But I paid attention to that because I thought, I've been these people and I know, you know, people don't care all the time and I thought it was really cool that the coaches, it seemed like they really were, like, really trying to help these artists and it was more of, like, a team rather than a judge situation.

I liked that, and then, obviously, I ended up being a part of the show. And I was excited from the first day. Obviously, I knew what to expect a bit because I've been on a singing competition. But--


--but I will tell you, nothing prepares you for the blinds. You turn around and you're like, what?


You're like, whoa. You're like a different human than I imagined in my head. And I think that, honestly, that's the reason for me, personally-- I can't speak for the world or fans for "The Voice"-- but for me personally, from being from a show and then also being on this show-- like, it's a really cool thing that we focus on the actual talent of the person. And sometimes I think that gets lost, not just in this industry but in a lot of industries. And it's a cool thing and I think the public likes that. That it's, like-- it's all the underdogs that might not get in the door. I was one of those people that might never have gotten in the door. I really love it.