Kelly Osbourne denies plastic-surgery speculation after people said she looked unrecognizable in a recent selfie

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  • Kelly Osbourne said she hadn't had plastic surgery, denying speculation about a recent selfie.

  • She said on Instagram that she'd had only "a couple of injections" in her lips, jaw, and forehead.

  • "I do not lie - but thank you for the compliment," Osbourne said.

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Kelly Osbourne defended a recent selfie she shared on Instagram.

Over the weekend, the TV star posted a photo of herself wearing purple space buns and glam makeup with the caption "suns out buns out."

Her friends said in the comments that she looked "gorgeous," but others on Instagram said she looked unrecognizable. Some even suggested she might have had plastic surgery done across her face.

Osbourne said in a clip on Instagram on Monday that she had not had plastic surgery. "Let's squash these stupid rumours!!! Can't you just be happy for me?" she wrote in the caption.

"Good morning, everyone," Osbourne said at the start of her video. "I'm currently in hair and makeup right now. I just want to bring up a topic that you guys are all talking about, because I'm always really honest and really up-front about what I've done to my body and who I am.

"And I have not had plastic surgery," she continued. "I've never done anything to my face other than a couple of injections in my lips, in my jaw, and in my forehead here. I do not lie - but thank you for the compliment."

Fellow celebrities applauded Osbourne in the comments.

"U look incredible," Vanessa Hudgens wrote. "F--- em."

"You look GORGEOUS!" Cheryl Burke of "Dancing with the Stars" added.

Osbourne has in the past been open about losing weight and undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

On the "Hollywood Raw" podcast last August, she said: "I had surgery; I don't give a f--- what anyone has to say. I did it, I'm proud of it, they can suck s---."

Osbourne described the surgery as "the best thing" she'd "ever done" and said she still made an effort to exercise and eat healthily.

"I want to be very clear about this kind of surgery I had," Osbourne said. "All it does is move you in the right direction. So, anyone who's thinking of doing something like this, really think about that."

Representatives for Osbourne did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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