Kellyanne Conway memoir set for May release

Former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's memoir is set to be released in May, a book her publisher labeled as an "open and vulnerable account" that details the top aide's "journey all the way to the White House and beyond."

The book, titled "Here's the Deal," will be released on May 24, according to publisher Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

"In this open and vulnerable account, Kellyanne turns the camera on herself. What she has to share-about our politics, about the media, about her time in the White House, and about her personal journey -is an astonishing glimpse of visibility and vulnerability, of professional and personal highs and lows, and ultimately, of triumph," Threshold Editions wrote in the book announcement.

Conway wrote on Twitter that the book details her journey from an "only child of a single mom to presidential campaign manager and counselor."

"Join me inside the White House and my own house," she added.

An unnamed publishing official told The Associated Press that Conway's book deal totaled in the seven figures. She now joins a group of ex-Trump officials - including former Attorney General William Barr and former press secretary Stephanie Grisham - to write books about their time serving in Washington.

Conway was one of the most visible aides during the Trump administration before departing the White House at the end of August to focus on family matters. A highly respected pollster, she led then-candidate Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election win as campaign manager, becoming the first woman in American history to manage a victorious presidential campaign.

She was also a ardent defender of Trump and his administration, frequently appearing for media interviews that at times turned tense.

One of her most notable appearances was in 2017, when she described then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer's statement regarding the crowd size at Trump's inauguration "alternative facts."

Conway's personal life also made headlines during her time working in the White House - she is married to Republican attorney George Conway, who became a staunch Trump critic.

The book, according to Threshold Editions, is written with Conway's "trademark sharp wit, raw honesty, and level eye" and details "what it's like to be dissected on national television. How to outsmart the media mob. How to outclass the crazy critics. How to survive and succeed male-dominated industries. What happens when the perils of social media really hit home. And what happens when the divisions across the country start playing out in one's own family."

In a statement on Wednesday, Conway told the AP, "I'd made a career out of calling things as I saw them, with no notes in front of me and no net beneath me. I brought that same approach to this book, which should engage, engross and entertain plenty of people."