Would Kelsey Weier Become the Bachelorette? ‘That Was Never My Intent or Goal,’ She Says

Christina Dugan

Her heart may have been broken by Peter Weber, but The Bachelor‘s Kelsey Weier is not necessarily ready to give up on love.

Speaking exclusively with PEOPLE at The Bachelor: Women Tell All taping last week, the 25-year-old addressed whether or not she’d be open to becoming the franchise’s next Bachelorette.

“Coming into this, that was never my intent or goal,” Weier told PEOPLE.

“It was always to see if this actually could work for me,” she said. “And I thought it could with Peter, but I haven’t been asked and honestly up until I started to figure out my feelings towards Peter, it’s never something that I’ve even thought about.”

Kelsey Weier

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During last week’s hometowns episode, Weier — who was at the center of “champagnegate” earlier in the season — invited Weber to meet her family.

“You walked in the door and I know my daughter. When she loves, she loves like no other. It takes a lot for her, and that’s why I guess I’m so shocked that we’re here today, because it proves you’re a very special person. Nobody’s ever done this, Peter. Ever,” Weier’s mom said.

Although she saw how “special” Weber was, the Weier family matriarch was concerned about her daughter being left heartbroken.

“You know, as a mom of three and have gone through a divorce, nobody wants to have their children’s heart broken,” she told Weber. “So don’t break my girl’s heart. Do you understand?”

Kelsey Weier and Peter Weber | Kelsey Weier/Instagram

Shaking his head, Weber said, “I do. I 100 percent do.”

However, during the rose ceremony, Weber ended up sending Weier home.

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Despite her elimination, Weier said she doesn’t regret her experience.

“It’s hard to regret doing things differently just because I felt that way in the moment and those were my feelings,” she told PEOPLE at the Women Tell All taping. “But all I can say is I learned a lot about myself and that’s a positive that came from it.”

“Are there things I wish I could have done differently? Yeah. But do I necessarily regret everything I did? No, just because it was a learning experience for me,” she shared.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.