Kenan Thompson says Good Burger could work on 'SNL'

Before Kenan Thompson became the longest-tenured cast member on “Saturday Night Live," he found his initial success in comedy as a teenager.

While Thompson appeared in Disney’s 1994 movie “D2: The Mighty Ducks” and its subsequent third installment in 1996, “D3: The Mighty Ducks,” he found his roots in sketch comedy as a series regular of Nickelodeon’s "All That."

Today, "All That" remains one of his most recognized contributions to comedy, along with 1997's "Good Burger." The movie, which also featured his "Kenan & Kel" co-star Kel Mitchell has become a cult classic over the years, following the comedians' characters as they try to save the fast food restaurant where they both work.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly a week out from the season 48 premiere of “SNL” on Oct. 1, 2022, Thompson, 44, opened up about which of his past projects would work for the long-running sketch comedy show.

“I mean, I want to say 'Good Burger' would work in a way — just the adult version or something like that,” he said. “Adults having to work at 'Good Burger or whatever that version would be. A lot of the interstitial straight-to-camera things remind me of early Weekend Update when they were doing Roseannadanna and like those very straight to camera without anybody’s help.”

He also shared which of the “All That” sketches may translate to the show, adding, “I feel like Pierre Escargot could work, you know? Even if he slid out on the Update desk or something like that in the tub or something like that. That could be funny.”

“Loud Librarian or Amanda, when she was the angry little girl yelling about it,” he also suggested. “Ask Ashley. Yeah, Ask Ashley! I think those kind of things would work because it’s a talent showcase, and that’s what SNL is. It’s like, ‘Here are the people we think is funny. Go.’ And America usually tends to agree.”

Thompson has been booked and busy over the last couple of months.

On Aug. 9, it was announced that he would be the host of the 2022 Emmys, which took place the following month on September 12. In the same week, he also experienced another career milestone: receiving his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“You know, I never thought any of this would be possible. I just wanted to act and entertain and have a good time and put smiles on my family members’ faces, and that grew into the world now, apparently,” Thompson said during his speech at the ceremony. “So, I don’t know, man. It’s just an honor and a privilege going in next to the GOAT Lorne Michaels.”

The season 48 premiere of "SNL," hosted by "Top Gun: Maverick" star Miles Teller, will also mark Thompson's 20th season on the show. He first appeared in a sketch on the show in 2003 alongside Jack Black and in the decades since, he's starred in over 1,500 sketches.

"Beyond blessed!! 1500?!" he wrote on Instagram in March 2022 to mark the milestone. "Nbc and @nbcsnl has been my home for 19 years and counting!!! Love everyone that’s helped me get to this amazing milestone!!!"

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