Kendall Jenner joins Snapchat and restores order in the universe


Snapchat is spreading like wildfire in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

After Kim and Kourtney followed in Kylie's footsteps, Kendall decided to join her heavily contoured, filtered fam on the app. It's about time, Kendall — the teens have been waiting literally forever.

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First, she teased fans, letting them know they would be able to catch her Snaps in the near future while maintaining her cloak of mystery.

After fans waited nearly a full excruciating hour, Jenner made the big reveal: her Snapchat username is kendalljenner. 

Kendall, whose Snapchat emoji of choice is the angel, got a guest appearance from King Kylie straight away to let the people of Snapchat know she's among royalty, lest they forget.

Image: kendall jenner/snapchat

And, naturally, there are selfies.

Image: kendall jenner/snapchat

And selfies of selfies, of course. 

Image: kendalljenner/snapchat

So who's next? The ideal candidate is, of course, Kris Jenner, the woman you most want to see wine-drunk at noon. Her guest appearances in her daughter's snaps are magical

Kanye takes signing up for Instagram more seriously than a bid for the presidency, so it's unlikely that he'll rush into a new social media in the throes of his current Twitter Renaissance. Yeezy will most likely stick to making delightful cameos on Kim's account. 

North is a definite no, so it seems that the obvious answer is the last holdout of the sisters: Khloe. Your move, KoKo.