Kendall Jenner posts a nude photo, sparking debate about Instagram’s guidelines: ‘How is this allowed?’

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 (Getty Images for DKNY)
(Getty Images for DKNY)

Social media users are questioning Instagram and its community guidelines regarding nudity after Kendall Jenner shared a nude photo on the platform.

In a recent post, Jenner, 26, shared images from her photoshoot with i-D Magazine. In the photos, the model could be seen posing in a range of outfits, including a swimsuit, long jacket, dress pants, and a mini skirt.

Jenner also shared one photo of herself completely naked, prompting the reality star to receive mixed responses in the comments, with some fans applauding her for sharing the photos, while others questioned why the platform’s guidelines did not seem to apply to the model.

According to Instagram’s Community Guidelines, it doesn’t allow nudity on the social media platform for “a variety of reasons,” despite acknowledging “that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature”.

However, the platform does allow photos “in the context of breastfeeding, birth giving and after-birth moments, health-related situations (for example, post-mastectomy, breast cancer awareness or gender confirmation surgery) or an act of protest,” as well as “nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures”.

“Third. Pic. Wow,” one Instagram user wrote, in reference to Jenner’s nude photo, while another said: “Wow, I honestly didn’t think we would ever see this side of Kendall but I’m proud of her and her art.”

However, many people wondered how Jenner was able to post a nude picture on her account in the first place, considering the platform’s guidelines.

“These are gorgeous, but how is this allowed???” one Instagram user asked, while someone else wrote: “You’re literally completely naked. How are you even allowed to post this?”

Other people tagged Instagram in the comments and accused the platform of “picking and choosing” who can post nude content.

“@Instagram just wondering how this doesn’t completely violate your community guidelines?!” one person wrote. “Like come on, just be honest and say you pick and choose who has to follow your ‘guidelines.’”

A few people also accused the platform of a double standard, noting that many photography accounts and Instagram users in general have had their content removed due to nudity.

“@Instagram are you guys gonna take this down or flag her account too?” another comment reads. “Ridiculous when boudoir pages aren’t allowed the same opportunity and lose their following/account over posting THE SAME THING..Stay equal and across the board celebrity or not, this is ridiculous.”

Someone else wrote: “Must be nice to post whatever you like and not be in fear of having your account deleted and having the bulk of your livelihood taken away.”

Some social media users also felt the timing of the supermodel’s post was insensitive considering Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

“FYI nudity not allowed on IG and bad timing when Ukraine just got bombed by Russia and Russia threatening US or don’t you give a f***,” one commenter wrote, while someone else said: “Kendall is great and gorgeous but OH BOY this is so out of touch.”

The Independent has reached out to Instagram and a representative for Jenner for comment.