Kendall Jenner Posts Thong Bikini Pic While On Vacay With Boyfriend Devin Booker

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On Saturday, model Kendall Jenner shared some Instagram Stories of her mysterious vacation with Phoenix Suns basketball player boyfriend, Devin Booker. It's not clear from the pics where she and Booker are this weekend, though earlier this week Jenner was looking stunning at the Met Gala.

Booker did not accompany her to that event, but he is getting to see her in this floral pattern thong bikini, which seems like a fair trade off:

Later in her stories, Jenner continued to celebrate her famous derriere with a shot of the back of her Met Gala dress, a sheer, jeweled Givenchy gown, which was very reminiscent of Zoë Kravitz's look in a Saint Laurent dress:

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Another story showed her perspective of Booker with a photo fo him floating in the water in a pair of white swim shorts and what appears to be a bottle of something in one hand.

It's rumored that Booker and Jenner are in Jamaica, perhaps even accompanying another hot young couple, Justin and Hailey Bieber. The Biebers do seem to be somewhere tropical, as well, based on photos Hailey shared on Instagram Sunday:

Until recently, Jenner has never been very public about anyone she's dating, but seems to be making an exception for Booker. She has even talked about how he interacts with her family, joking that her niece Stormi has a big crush on her boyfriend. On September 14, she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that Booker has stolen Stormi's heart.

“He loves them,” Kendall said of Booker and her fam. “Him and Stormi have an amazing relationship. She has the biggest crush on him, and I'm jealous sometimes. I'm like, ‘Stop—can you guys not?’”

Part of winning a girl is winning over her family.

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