Kendall Jenner Strips For Nude Selfie to Celebrate... a Skin Cream

By (Tom Sykes)
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

What’s the ideal way to promote a quick and easy cure for acne?

Why, a topless photo of Kendall Jenner, of course!

That seems to be the thinking of the suits at skincare brand Proactiv, who are using their new signing to promote their product, which they claim can cure acne, on Instagram.

While not wearing any clothes.

Kendall, keen observers of the greater Kardashian clan may recall, has repeatedly claimed to have been traumatized by her travails with acne, although anyone who suffered with the skin condition in the '90s or earlier, when antibiotic skin creams were a rarity and dermatologists were not often called upon to treat zitty teenagers, might struggle to identify with Kendall’s pain when they study old photographs of Kendall with a complexion most pizza-faced teens would be happy to trade for.

Proactiv is a topical treatment, which is based around the evergreen stalwart of acne treatments, benzoyl peroxide—familiar as an active ingredient to generations of teenagers who spent their pocket money on Clearasil.

Kendall faced significant criticism when she first announced her partnership with Procativ at the start of this year. Her mom Kris trailed the announcement saying people should “prepare to be moved” by what her daughter was going to announce, with hashtags like #bethechange and #shareyourstory.

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Kendall’s subsequent announcement that she would henceforth be shilling for Proactiv left some observers cold, especially when she told a slightly less than heartbreaking story of how at a previous year’s ceremony, she had felt like she looked great, but when she went online after the ceremony was over, she saw that her skin was the butt of jokes.

Oh no! Her "acne" completely ruined Hollywood’s biggest carnival of superficiality, where everyone is actively competing to be judged on their looks!

Poor Kendall, but, you know, imagine how totally lame it must be for people who don’t even get invited to the Golden Globes, or people who have acne and not only don’t have access to laser treatments and dermatologists but also don’t get paid to promote zit cream online, and actually have to pay for the stuff as well!

Talk about adding insult to injury.

There’s clearly only one sensible solution, and that’s to strip off immediately on Instagram to show how great your skin is now.

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