Kennedy High Senior Emmanuel 'Manny' Antwi Remembered For Being Great Team Player

On Monday, the Kennedy High School community is remembering Emmanuel "Manny" Antwi, a senior who suddenly died while playing in a football game.

Video Transcript

- Honoring an athlete gone too soon. This afternoon, the Kennedy High School community is remembering Emmanuel "Manny" Antwi, a senior football player who suddenly died in the midst of a game.

- CBS 13's Renee Santos is live at Kennedy High School just after speaking with the teammates. So tragic, Renee.

RENEE SANTOS: Yeah. Manny's death has definitely impacted this entire community. Directly behind me, there's actually a small memorial in the middle of the field. Dennis, go ahead and zoom in. You can see that silver balloon. I saw the coach of a team here, a girl's soccer team, also place flowers on the ground there.

I just spoke to a teammate of Manny, who says Manny was always happy. He was actually playing in the game Friday when tragedy hit.

[? RAJAN DAY: ?] I had seen everybody rush over, and I didn't know it was him on the ground until I got to the sideline and I looked. And then I was just like in shock, like--

RENEE SANTOS: [? Rajan ?] Day is still in disbelief about the sudden passing of his teammate Manny Antwi. He says Manny was the perfect team player, who was always proud to play the game alongside his teammates and younger brother.

[? RAJAN DAY: ?] Every good play, he'd just get hyped for one another. He made a good play, everybody'd get hyped. Somebody else made a good play, he'd get hyped. It was just the energy.

RENEE SANTOS: Our camera caught the energy Raj is talking about just shortly before Manny, number 77, tragically collapsed on the field he loved. Raj had no idea the team's first game back would be followed by so much heartache. He knows how difficult returning to the field without Manny will be, but says their brotherhood and love will keep their football family strong.

RAJAN DAY: Wherever we needed him, he was there.

RENEE SANTOS: He wants Manny, an athlete who was always ready to give his all, to forever be remembered for his passion and spirit.

RAJAN DAY: And I feel like we should get a 77 yard line or just imprint his name somewhere on the field, because you know, that's where he belongs.

RENEE SANTOS: And just an hour ago, I called the coroner's office to check on a cause of death. That still has not been released. Raj says the team has not returned to practice, and he doesn't know yet when that might be. But he's hoping real soon so that his teammates can all heal together and get back on the field.

- It sounds like Manny's energy was contagious. Tragic story. Thank you, Renee.